EPT Belrin Main Event: Day 2 Finished With 292 Survivors, The Bubble Is About to Burst

Posted at 19:00 2014-08-24 by PokerNetwork Staff

Day 2 of the €5,300 Main Event from the European Poker Tour Barcelona has come to a close, and a massive day it was. After a field of 1,496 entries was generated, over 900 players returned for Day 2.

That allowed for a whopping €7,255,600 prize pool, of which the top 239 players would be paid out with the winner set to receive €1,261,000.

At the end of another six 75-minute levels of play, 292 players remained, which isn't too far away from a cash. Breaking the bubble will come on Day 3, and it'll be one of the more exciting days in the tournament. Just sliding into the money will earn each player €8,050.


Other players who finished towards the top of the counts were Nima Ahrary (519,600), Martin Finger (502,000), Tobias Rohe (435,000), Marko Neumann (316,100), Max Pescatori (294,000), Fedor Holz (260,600), Kent Lundmark (237,700), and Scott Seiver (216,400).


On the flip side of the coin, plenty of players busted out on the day. Some of those to bust were Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden, Alex Kravchenko, Jake Cody, Matthias De Meulder, Daniel Negreanu, Ivan Demidov, Leo Fernandez, Liv Boeree, Leo Margets, Marcin Horecki, Theo Jorgensen, and Eugene Katchalov.

Day 2 Top 10

Vojtech Ruzicka621,000
Nima Ahrary519,600
Martin Finger502,300
Andrei Konopelko413,000
Berthold Winz443,000
Tobias Rohe434,500
Andres Federico Jeckeln359,200
Oliver Price352,400
Ramin Hajiyev351,700
Andre Leattau338,000

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EPT Barcelona Main Event EPT Barcelona Main Event

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