EPT London Day 4: 3 EPT-Winners Remained, We Like Jake Cody's Chances the Most

Posted at 19:00 2014-10-17 by PokerNetwork Staff

Day 4 of the PokerStars European Poker Tour London Main Event has ended, three past EPT-winners are still in contention.

EPT London Main Event Day 4

After a short action-packed day, during which we went from 36 players down to just 16, it was German pro Sebastian Pauli who grabbed the lead with 2,674,000 chips, slightly more than former EPT Deauville champion and Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody who bagged up 2,291,000.

Hand of the day

Team PokerStars Pro Online Marc-Andre Ladouceur had doubled up right at the start of the day but it did not turn out to be the start of something great for the French Canadian.

After raising to 23,000 before the flop it was Jake Cody who three-bet from his left to 58,000 and Ladouceur called. The flop brought out deuce-four-five rainbow and Ladouceur check-raised Cody's bet from 56,000 to 130,000.

The turn brought the eight of diamonds after Cody had called and Ladouceur bet 90,000. Cody called and moved all in on the river when the jack of clubs popped up after Ladouceur had checked and after two minutes he made the call. Cody had hit two pair with four-eight of hearts and that knocked Ladouceur out in 29th place for £13,000 as he had queen-jack of spades.

EPT London Main Event Final 16

RankNameChip Count
1Sebastian Pauli2,674,000
2Jake Cody2,291,000
3Raffaele Sorrentino1,968,000
4Artur Koren1,865,000
5Jakub Mroczek1,623,000
6Jonathan Bensadoun1,465,000
7Gino Gabriel1,265,000
8Joao Vieira1,117,000
9Pablo Gordillo1,077,000
10Kevin Killeen906,000
11Yann Pineau900,000
12Kevin MacPhee869,000
13Jonas Lauck840,000
14Simon Deadman732,000
15Ognyan Dimov552,000
16Benny Spindler195,000

Play will return today with three former champions still in the hunt for their second title. Cody has a huge stack and comes into the fifth day as a real contender while Benny Spindler, the shortest stack in the field, and Kevin MacPhee, below average as well, need some more good fortune.

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EPT London Main Event Jake Cody EPT London Main Event Jake Cody

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