EPT Season 7 Champion of Champions Invitational

Posted at 14:27 2011-03-31

In a move that is set to add even more excitement to the EPT Season 7 Grant Final, PokerStars have announced they will be hosting the first ever PokerStars.com European Poker Tour (EPT) Champion of Champions event in Madrid on May 13.

This event will be invite only and will be open to every Main Event champion from all seven EPT seasons. They will play off in a freeroll for the chance to win €100,000 worth of prizes.

EPT Chief Executive John Duthie said, “It’s going to be great to see some of the past winners returning to battle it out against each other in the ‘Champion of Champions’ event in Madrid. It seems a long time since Alexander Stevic took down the first event in Barcelona and I do hope he and all the other EPT Champions come along so that we can see who reigns supreme.”

The event will be filmed for future TV broadcast internationally, as well as for the EPTLive webcast on PokerStars.tv.

The list of EPT Main Event champions comprises of dozens of world-class pros and players who have gone on to become international stars since their EPT win. By the end of Season 7, there will be a total of 70 EPT Main Event champions.

Some of the names which you might have forgotten are indeed EPT champions include Noah Boeken (Copenhagen Season 1), Patrik Antonius (Baden Classic Season 2), Vicky Coren (London Season 3), Roland de Wolfe (Dublin Season 3), Bertrand Grospellier (PCA Season 4), Mike McDonald (German Open Season 4), Jason Mercier (San Remo Season 4), Sandra Naujoks (Dortmund Season 5) and Liv Boeree (San Remo Season 6).

As you can see, it’s going to be a stellar lineup with three more champions still to emerge from the remaining events of the current season: EPT Berlin (April 5-10), EPT San Remo (April 27 – May 3), and the EPT Grand Final in Madrid (May 7-12).

In total, four “EPT Passports” will be awarded, to the top four finishers, with the first-place player receiving a package worth €50,000. The prize breakdown is as follows:

1st       EPT8 Passport worth €50,000
2nd      EPT8 Passport worth €25,000
3rd       EPT8 Passport worth €15,000
4th       EPT8 Passport worth €10,000

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PokerStars will host a once-off Champion of Champions event at the Season 7 EPT Grand Final PokerStars will host a once-off Champion of Champions event at the Season 7 EPT Grand Final

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