Eugene Portlen Captures Oz Poker Tour Main Event

Posted at 18:43 2008-11-30
With much of the Australian poker community in Sydney to contest the APPT Grand Final and preliminary events, no-one was expecting to see 284 players take part in the first annual Oz Poker Tour Main Event hosted by Crown Casino in Melbourne.
However a buy-in of $340, a 10,000 chip start bank and generous structure, persuaded many to make the trip to Melbourne from around the state as well as from over the border. Oz Poker Tour itself sent down 56 qualifiers from Adelaide, Bundaberg, Sydney and the Central Coast with each qualifier having airfares, accommodation, buy-in and $500 spending money included in their $1,500 package.
Play was underway on time with 11-handed tables spread throughout the Las Vegas Room. Andrew Demetriou, George Cotaidis, Quoc Nguyen, Michael Guzzardi, Marwin Nassif and Martin Copeland were representing the locals while Chris Levick brought down a bevy of support from the north including Patrick Fletcher who was fresh off his second place in the $750 No Limit Holdem at the Big Game Poker Championships the previous day for $31,122.
Following a few early casualties in the field it would be Fletcher who picked up the pace running over his second table of the day. He chipped up before sending a player to the rail holding {Ac}{Kc} against her {Ks}{Qd}, all-in on a flop of {Kd}{8d}{5s}. The board ran out safe for Fletcher as he stacked up to 69,000 with the average still below 15,000.
However it wouldn’t be Fletcher’s day as he a tough time during the middle stages of play eventually bowing out short of the money. With the top 30 players in the money, play would move fairly well until Mark Bodagh was forced all-in from the big blind holding {9h}{3h} and found action from Enes Jukic holding {As}{Ks}. The board ran out {9s}{Qd}{7d}{5d}{5s}, and with Bodagh hitting the rail in 11th place the final table was formed with the following players heading on a well deserved break after close to 10 hours of play.
Seat 1: Brad McGarrity – 135,000 in chips
Seat 2: Antonio Casale – 175,000
Seat 3: Enes Jukic – 396,000
Seat 4: Giuseppe Furnari – 399,000
Seat 5: Narbeh Hovsepian – 225,000
Seat 6: Robert Collina – 244,000
Seat 7: Eugene Portlen – 372,000
Seat 8: Leigh Warne – 417,000
Seat 9: Jim Ghobrial – 161,000
Seat 10: John Hillen – 290,000
With play resuming with 10,000-20,000 blinds and a 2,000 ante, Crown regular Leigh Warne made quick work of increasing his chip lead to 505,000 before the first victim of the final table was upon us. Brad McGarrity moved all-in for 200,000 from the small blind holding {Jh}{Jc} and was insta-called by Antonio Casale out of the big blind holding {As}{Qh}. Being covered, Casale would need some help to stay alive but unfortunately found no such luck with the final board reading {8d}{7d}{7s}{Td}{4h} as he hit the rail in 10th place earning $1,410 as McGarrity stacked his chips up to over 400,000.
Warne would then relinquish his chip lead and be left on 275,000 after being squeezed out of several pots as Giuseppe Furnari moved up to 607,000. Jim Ghobrial would find a double-up at the expense of PokerNetwork’s Narbeh “DaReal” Hovsepian when his {Qc}{5c} would up against Hovsepian's {Qh}{4h}.
Robert Collina would then triple-up in the first multi-way pot of the final table. With blinds at 20,000-40,000, Enes Jukic opened from under-the-gun to 120,000, Collina moved all-in for 114,000 and McGarrity called out of the big blind. After McGarrity checked the flop of {As}{8s}{2c} Jukic led for 250,000 and was met with an all-in re-raise from McGarrity for 400,000 total. Jukic tanked for some time before stating, “We’re here to gamble, I call” as he tabled {As}{Td} to be behind McGarrity’s {Ad}{Qd}. However the main pot would be nearly a lock for Collina as he tabled {8h}{8c} for a flopped set. The turn fell the {Jh} and river the {Kd} giving McGarrity the side pot as he chipped up to 812,000, Collina took the main pot of 380,000 while Jukic was left with only 68,000.
As blinds increased to 30,000-60,000 with a 4,000 ante, Jukic, after being crippled in the previous hand, would be forced all-in from the big blind holding {9s}{4h} against Eugene Portlen’s {Kc}{Qd}. The board ran out {8c}{Qh}{Th}{8d}{4s} and Jukic headed to the rail in 9th place for $1,917. Next to fall would be Hovsepian who was all-in from the big blind for 56,000. McGarrity called the big blind of 60,000 from the button before Furnari would move all-in from the small blind causing McGarrity to fold. Furnari was well ahead holding {7h}{7d} against Hovsepian‘s {6c}{5s}, and with the final board reading {Ts}{Qc}{Kd}{Kh}{2h} Narbeh “DaReal” Hovsepian would hit the rail in 8th place for $2,769 as Furnari chipped up to 835,000 in chips.
McGarrity would become the first million chip man when he eliminated Warne in 7th place for $3,834. Warne moved all-in from early position for 204,000 with {Qs}{6h} and McGarrity made the call holding {Kc}{Jc}. With the board running out {Th}{5d}{3d}{7h}{9d} Warne hit the rail as McGarrity moved up to 1,004,000 in chips. However his chip lead wouldn’t last too long when Ghobrial would be next out the door when he moved all-in with {Ad}{7h} and found a caller in Furnari holding {Ks}{Jd}. It would be the river that sent Ghobrial home in 6th place for $4,889 when the board ran out {9c}{6c}{2h}{Th}{Jh} as Furnari became the new chip leader with 1,070,000 in chips.
John Hillen would move the last of his 113,000 stack into the pot from the cutoff and found three callers in McGarrity, Furnari and Collina. In a check-down hand on the final board of {8s}{Jd}{9h}{Kh}{Th} Hillen would table {Ac}{Js} but would run third to Furnari holding {Jc}{Tc} and Collina who took the pot down holding {Qc}{4c} as he moved up to 712,000. With play now 4-handed the players took a break with the chips distributed as following:
Furnari – 996,000 in chips
McGarrity – 891,000
Collina – 678,000
Portlen – 255,000
With play returning at the 40,000-80,000 with 5,000 ante level, the players would be greeted with the colour-up and arrival of Crown’s 25,000-denomination “chocolate” chip. Portlen would find a much needed double-up with {As}{Ts} against McGarrity’s {Ks}{Js} before going on to knock out Collina. Collina made it 200,000 to go from the button and with the action on Portlen in the small blind he moved all-in for 680,000 total. Collina made the call for his 554,000 stack tabling {Ad}{Kd} to be in a race against Portlen’s {2h}{2d}. The flop kept Portlen in the lead running out {Qd}{9h}{4s}, however the turn of the {Jd} brought a real sweat to Portlen as now there were 17 cards in the deck he had to avoid. When the {4c} peeled on the river Collina was sent to the rail in 4th place earning $7,668 for his efforts as Portlen became the new chip leader holding 1,354,000 in chips.
As blinds progressed to 50,000-100,000 with a 7,000 ante McGarrity would fall at the hands of Portlen when he moved all-in for 438,000 holding {3c}{4c} and Portlen made the call out of the big blind holding {Ah}{Jc}. With the board reading {Kd}{Qc}{Qd}{Ad}{3h}, McGarrity’s run ended in 3rd place for a tidy $9,798 as the trophy hit the table for heads-up play.
Heads-up play began with Portlen holding a chip lead with 2,160,000 chips against Furnari’s 680,000. Portlen took down the first few hands before Furnari found a double-up to 946,000 all-in on a flop of {Ad}{4s}{Ks} with {Kc}{2h} against Portlen‘s {9s}{7s}. The turn and river of the {5h} and {9c} brought no spade for Portlen as things started to balance out.
However only a few hands later Furnari would move all-in for 780,000 from the button holding {Jd}{7d} and find a call from Portlen holding {4h}{4s}. The final board of {Kh}{3d}{Qh}{Ac}{4c} would see Furnari head to the rail in 2nd place earning a well-deserved $13,291 for his efforts.
With that final hand, Eugene Portlen would be crowned the Oz Poker Tour Main Event Champion earning $17,040 for a great day of play. Once in the money Portlen jumped out to a massive chip lead before settling into the middle of the pack for the final table. Portlen would remain quiet until play reached 4-handed where his class shone through as he eliminated the final three opponents on his way to victory.
After 12 hours of gruelling play, a lengthy final table and 283 before him, Eugene Portlen would be the first Oz Poker Tour Main Event Champion and take home the coveted trophy and $17,040 in prize money.
Full Results:
1st – Eugene Portlen ($17,040)
2nd – Giuseppe Furnari ($13,291)
3rd – Brad McGarrity ($9,798)
4th – Robert Collina ($7,668)
5th – John Hillen ($5,964)
6th – Jim Ghobrial ($4,889)
7th – Leigh Warne ($3,834)
8th – Narbeh “DaReal” Hovsepian ($2,769)
9th – Enes Jukic ($1,917)
10th – Antonio Casale ($1,410)
11th – Mark Bodagh ($1,022)
12th – Maged Elali ($1,022)
13th – Adam Brown ($1,022)
14th – Steven Jeffrey ($1,022)
15th – Adrian Hind ($1,022)
16th – Petar Lackovic ($1,022)
17th – Luke Ryan ($1,022)
18th – Jacob Flasterstein ($1,022)
19th – Darren Pointer ($1,022)
20th – Mark Evans ($1,022)
21st – Jason Stay ($639)
22nd – Phil Edwards ($639)
23rd – Cihan Demirel ($639)
24th – Darren Thompson ($639)
25th – Simon Kidson ($639)
26th – Peter Mordaunt ($639)
27th – Danny Sultana ($639)
28th – Giuseppe Palazzo ($639)
29th – Daniel Duznovic ($639)
30th – Svetlan Fateeva ($639)


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Eugene Portlen Captures Oz Poker Tour Main Event Eugene Portlen Captures Oz Poker Tour Main Event

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