Everest Poker’s Snowball Series has $55,000 in Monthly Freerolls

Posted at 11:47 2010-12-23

Much like a snowball that rolls down a mountain and picks up size, Everest Poker’s Snowball Series starts out small at the beginning of the month, and offers a huge prize pool by the end of the month.

To be more specific, Everest is offering a $2,500 freeroll at the beginning of each month that grows in size as the month moves along. The same $2,500 freeroll will be offered the next week, and an additional $1 will be added to the prize pool for every person that played in the previous freeroll. In the following weeks, Everest will continue adding money for every player in the previous Snowball freerolls until the prize pool reaches $10,000.

To illustrate how this works, take a look at the following model:

Week 1: $2,500 freeroll (1,000 players participate)
Week 2: $3,500 freeroll (2,000 players participate)
Week 3: $5,500 freeroll (4,000 players participate)
Week 4: $9,500 freeroll

When everything is said and done, the Snowball Series has the potential to offer up to $55,000 each month. If you’re interested in playing for this kind of cash, you should visit Everest Poker on Saturday at 20:00 GMT because this is when the Snowball Series Freeroll happens. As long as you qualify through one of the following options, you’ll be eligible to play in the Snowball Series Freeroll:

- 10 Super Satellite freerolls every day (10 players advance to Snowball Series Freeroll)
- 10 SP Satellite freerolls every day (10 players advance)
- Earn 10 Summit Points a day during the week
- Earn 300 Summit Points total throughout the week
- Make your first deposit

To find these qualification options, just look under the Snowball tab in the Scheduled Tournaments section. Once you qualify, you can find the actual Snowball freeroll under the same tab.

Everest Poker is a great option if you’re looking to try out a new site. They offer excellent tournament, cash games and promotions every month. Download Everest Poker and use our exclusive Everest Poker Bonus Code PNETWORK500 to take advantage of a massive $500 Welcome Bonus.

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Join Everest Poker's Huge Snowball Series Freerolls! Join Everest Poker's Huge Snowball Series Freerolls!

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