Exclusive $10,000 Everest Poker One Series

Posted at 19:38 2011-03-13

Everest Poker is getting closer and closer to unveiling their major live event, the €1,000,000 Everest Poker One tournament at the Sporting Monte-Carlo. The tournament runs from April 21-24, and the buy-in for this event is a hefty €5,000 + €300. However, you can get into this event absolutely free via a $9,000 High Roller package from PokerNetwork.

A High Roller prize package includes the following perks:

- $6,500 + $400 Main Event buy-in
- $650 for plane tickets
- $1,450 in VIP accommodations including four nights at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel, shuttle service and free dinners

To start on your path towards the $9,000 High Roller package, you should sign up for Everest Poker, and play in one of our extremely cheap micro stakes tournaments this week. These run from March 15-21, and they all lead to the $10,000 Final on March 24th. This includes the $9k prize package, as well as eight $109 tournament tickets for the $50,000 Guaranteed on Everest Poker.

What’s really nice about this setup is that you only have to win two tournaments to get the prize package; in most other prize package situations involving micro stakes satellites, you have to win like 5 or 6 tournaments. That being said, here is a look at all of the satellites for the $10k Final:

Mar 15, 6:00AEDST - Freeroll, 4 seats to Final
Mar 16, 6:00 AEDST - $1 + $0.10, 6 seats to Final
Mar 17, 6:00 AEDST - $2 + $0.20, 9 seats to Final
Mar 18, 6:00 AEDST - $1 + $0.10, 6 seats to Final
Mar 19, 6:00 AEDST - $2 + $0.20, 9 seats to Final
Mar 20, 3:00 AEDST - $1 + $0.10, 6 seats to Final
Mar 21, 3:00 AEDST - $2 + $0.20, 9 seats to Final
Mar 24, 6:00 AEDST - $10,000 Finale

If you want to play for the Everest One prize package, just download Everest Poker through PokerNetwork and make a minimum deposit of $5. Once you’ve done this, you’ll just need the password for each tournament which will be released a few hours prior to the start time on PokerNews.

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Win a $9,000 Everest Poker One package! Win a $9,000 Everest Poker One package!

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