"Face The Ace" - NBC's New Poker TV Show Premiers In August!

Posted at 10:50 2009-05-15
Hosted By “The Sopranos” Actor Steve Schirripa, NBC’s newest poker show looks to be the goods.

st at 9pm ET and will place contestants in front of four smoked-glass doors, each one conceals an “Ace” in the form of a professional poker player. The contestant must choose a door and play the pro behind it in a heads up match. If he loses it is game over, however if he wins he can decide whether he wants to keep the money and run or risk his winnings and play against another “Ace” for a chance to win even more prize money.

If the contestant loses he goes home with nothing, however if he can beat three poker “Aces” he will walk away with a very juicy $1 million dollars in cash! It will not be easy though with all of the pros being handpicked from the Full Tilt stables which include the likes of poker great Phil Ivey.
Want to be a contestant? Well good news! The “Peacock” Network and Full Tilt Poker are teaming up to give you a chance to take part! Full Tilt will be holding qualifying tournaments with online qualifiers being flown to Las Vegas for the chance to be selected as a contestant and compete on “Face The Ace”.
All contestants must be at least 21 years old and like NBC’s other two popular poker shows “Poker After Dark” and the “National Heads-Up Poker Championships” this new show is a creation of production company Poker PROductions.
For more information on the show including instructions on how to qualify check out the "Face The Ace" website.


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"Face The Ace" Debuts In August on NBC "Face The Ace" Debuts In August on NBC

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