fatcod Wins PokerNetwork Online Poker Championships Final!

Posted at 16:26 2009-04-06
The PokerNetwork Online Poker Championships came to a thrilling conclusion last night when PNW’er fatcod (beltor) took down the season ending final on Full Tilt Poker.
After a memorable ten week series, that saw the series venture to many old favourites such as 888 Poker, PokerStars and Poker770 as well as some new friends in Crazy Poker and RedKings Poker, the twenty event winners and top ten season points scorers played off in a 30-man winner takes all finale.
One of the favourites for the title had to be PNW’er deadmoney, playing on Full Tilt as JAKE THE MUSS who qualified for the final in just the second event of the series and ended the preliminary rounds with the most points of any player. He was closely followed in the top five season points scorers by PNW’ers jkcfc, daxmcb, TassieDevil and GET IT RIGHT.
As the players dropped away in the fiercely contested final some familiar names were once again amongst the chip leaders. It came down to an intense three way battle between JAKE THE MUSS, ribbatori and beltor. JAKE THE MUSS held the chip lead but the chips went around and around until beltor gained the ascendency to go heads-up for the title with a 5:1 chip lead over ribbatori.
The final hand saw the chips committed preflop with beltor’s {Ad}{9c} in a dominant position against ribbatori’s {As}{8h}. The board bricked out {5h}{2d}{3h}{6d}{Ah} to give beltor the victory.
He wins a fantastic prize package that will be the envy of all of his neighbours, featuring a PokerNetwork-branded, custom-built poker table, chip set, cards and ShuffleTech machine thanks to our good friends at Pocket Aces Over Kings. We look forward to being invited around for the next home when this bad boy arrives!
Many thanks to Pocket Aces Over Kings for their ongoing support of PokerNetwork and the Online Poker Championships. They continue to lead the way as the premier poker supplier in Australia as evident by the incredible quality of the prizes offered for this series.
Other final table finishers from last night’s final didn’t go home empty-handed as they were awarded tournament tokens, thanks to Full Tilt Poker.
Final Table Results:
1st– beltor   - Major prize package worth $8,000
2nd – ribbatori - $75 Tournament token
3rd – JAKE THE MUSS - $75 Tournament token
4th – canplaypoker - $75 tournament token
5th – toomanycones - $75 tournament token
6th – bluffedcomau - $26 tournament token
7th – daxmcb - $26 tournament token
8th – 8_6EQUALSNUTS - $26 tournament token
9th – SRV1 - $26 tournament token
10th – BOYDOX - $26 tournament token
Don’t forget about the bonus $500 freeroll to be held at RedKings Poker this Wednesday at 8pm. All players who participate and are tracked to PNW will also receive a $5.50 tournament token.
Thanks to everyone for your support of this series and we look forward to you coming back for PNW OPC II which will commence very soon!


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fatcod Wins PNW OPC! fatcod Wins PNW OPC!

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