Final Table Set for ANZPT Melbourne

Posted at 03:33 2009-05-27
Today saw day two of the PokerStars.net ANZPT Melbourne Main Event with 69 players taking to the felt.

Jie Gao sat atop the leaderboard along with Heath ‘TassieDevil’ Chick and Tino Lechich, but with many classy and talented players in the field it was anyone’s game. Chick had his pocket kings cracked as ANZPT Adelaide champion Karl Krautschneider also lost some chips early while Dennis Huntly, Ray Sukkar and Joel ‘StrongPlay’ Dodds were early casualties.

PokerNetwork’s Kristian ‘kluner’ Lunardi leaped to the chip lead after knocking off Johnny Huynh while Dean ‘dinhjo’ Nyberg, Tino Lechich, Michael Guzzardi and Sam Youssef fell. Texan Amanda Simpson and her soul-reading ability saw her accumulate and accumulate all the way to the chip lead as we approached the points bubble.

Current ANZPT points leader Tony Hachem was involved in a sick hand with Jarred Graham holding {Ad}{Kh} to dominate Graham’s {As}{6h}. Unfortunately the {6d } would fall in the window, followed by the {Kc}. Now jumping out of his seat after taking the lead, Hachem’s happiness would be short lived seeing the {6c} complete the flop. Now needing another king or running aces, the {3c} would change little on the turn, but with the {Ks} landing on the river the pot was pushed to Hachem as he survived to creep into the money once John Joannou perished in 19th place.

Action in the money started quick with David Zhao busting, followed by Hachem and Antonio Casale and it would be Peter Kotsiris falling on the bubble to form the final table to begin at 2pm tomorrow local time.

Seat 1: Heath 'TassieDevil' Chick (283,000)
Seat 2: Rodney Burles (168,000)
Seat 3: Sam Khouiss (354,000)
Seat 4: Chris Levick (969,000)
Seat 5: Jie Gao (517,000)
Seat 6: Ben Savage (682,000)
Seat 7: Gregory Shillig (190,000)
Seat 8: Peter Aristidou (432,000)
Seat 9: Kristian Lunardi (713,000}

Today also saw two events with the $550 HORSE which was taken down by mixed game specialist ‘Action’ Dave Morton after beating Robert Cullina heads up in a highly sought after field.

However the event that took a lot of the spotlight from the ANZPT Main Event was the $240 with $200 rebuys PLO event which saw over 90 rebuys take place. The line up included Gary Benson, Grant Levy, Joel Dodds and many more poker giants. Play was still in progress in the early hours of the morning with the final table just getting started.

Stay tuned for full results of the HORSE and the PLO event in the hours to come, but more importantly log on to PokerNetwork for the final table of the PokerStars.net ANZPT Melbourne Main Event live from the Crown Poker Room at 2pm local time.


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Chris Levick Leads ANZPT Melbourne Final Table Chris Levick Leads ANZPT Melbourne Final Table

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