Firing the Third Bullet at the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event

Posted at 00:23 2010-12-05

The final day one flight of the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series $550 Main Event saw 263 players take to the felt today to take the overall field size to 608 – a handful of tables shy of last year – but still forming a sizeable prize pool of $304,000.

Returning for their third entry into the Main Event – and effectively making it a $1,650 event – included Bruno Portaro, Jim Sachinidis, Michael Pedley and Tom Wing. Of those, only Wing managed to survive, and if a rivered ace didn’t crack his pocket kings, he could easily be one of the top chip stacks in the room.

Brothers and online guns Hugh and Julian Cohen, as well as Crown regulars Peter Aristidou, George Cotaidis, Angie Italiano, Jakson Laughton and Vincent Wan all stepped up today alongside JHDSS 2 Main Event Champion Daniel Botta. A mix of bad cards, unlucky suckouts and coolers saw these players make their way out the door as 103 players managed to reach the bag and tag part of the day.

Nearly needing a second bag to hold all his chips, regular cash game player Rob Olczyk managed to bag an impressive 222,700 – a feat that was made more amazing by the fact that Olczyk had reached that point at the midway point of the day.

Courtesy of a crushing {As}{Ac} vs {Kh}{Ks} vs {Ts}{9c} all in preflop clash, Dale West comfortably sits behind Olczyk with a 210,400-chip stack as Jirair Ereyan (177,200), Chris Whiting (135,300) and Mahammed Yassin (133,500) are just a few of those in the six-figure club.

Chris Barratt (83,300), Josh Budin (77,900), Andrew Santo (77,100) and Michael Spilkin (16,900) are just some of those from today’s flight that will be alive today when the three day one flights merge to form a Day 2 field of 218 players.

Day 1c Top Ten Chip Counts

Rob Olczyk – 222,700 in chips
Dale West – 210,400
Jirair Ereyan – 177,200
Chris Whiting – 135,300
Mahammed Yassin – 133,500
Michael Vanderhorst – 120,900
Cincent Gautier – 106,100
Arnold Bathan – 103,400
Carlos Lai – 93,800
Marc Siciliano – 93,600

With a little under a quarter of the remaining players guaranteed a piece of the prize pool, tomorrow is going to be a day full of action as everyone looks to jostle for a spot so that they can make a run at the title and $73,500 first prize.

As usual, PokerNetwork will again be on hand to provide exclusive and extensive live coverage of all the Day 2 action as we look to play down to a winner. Make sure to join us from 12:10 pm for all the live updates as the fifth Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event Champion is crowned here in the Crown Poker Room!

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The Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series has produced another huge field for the Main Event The Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series has produced another huge field for the Main Event

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