First Aussie Millions Championship Rings Awarded

Posted at 11:52 2010-01-18

It was a marathon day on the felt of the Crown Poker Room as the first two Championship Rings of the 2010 Aussie Millions were awarded with Andrew Hinrichsen and Matthew Ephraums taking home the gold.

The feature event of the day was the conclusion of the $1,100 No Limit Holdem Opening Event. After three day one flights, including a repechage, 193 players returned on Day 2 to play down to a winner. They were led by Xen Xenofontos but he wouldn’t have it easy as a host of sharks still lurked in the field including Vanessa Selbst, Aaron Wilt, Tony Hachem, Con Tsapkounis, JP Kelly, Bruno Portaro, Brendon Rubie, Jan Suchanek, Peter Aristidou, Jarred Graham, Mitch Carle, David Saab, Vincent Wan, Brendan Edmonds, Trung Tran and Toothpick Tony.

It was always going to be a long day on the felt, and while there was talk about postponing the final table until the next day, the players soldiered on in a true test of endurance. Matthew Ephraums was the chip leader over a quality final table lineup, and while Brendan Edmonds at times appeared set to steamroll the table, Ephraums held his nerve and was able to overcome Edmonds heads-up to claim the title. In the final hand Edmonds raised it up, Ephraums three-bet and Edmonds shoved. Ephraums made the call with his {ac}{Tc} and was in a dominant position against Edmonds’ {Jd}{Td}. The board fell {3s}{3h}{Ad}{6h}{7c} and at a tick before 6am local time, Matthew Ephraums was crowned the champion!

Final Table Results:

1st Matthew Ephraums $200,025
2nd Brendan Edmonds $142,875
3rd Brent Thomas $97,155
4th Trung Tran $74,295
5th Glenn Croft $57,150
6th Brad Rawiller $45,720
7th Anthony Kingston $34,290
8th Jim Mastorakos $22,860
9th Aaron Wilt $13,716
10th Sam Vakili $11,430

Meanwhile a sellout field of 90 players hit the virtual PokerPro tables for Event #2 of the Aussie Millions, the $550 PokerPro No Limit Holdem event. One of the best opportunities to win a gold championship ring attracted a high quality field including Gary Benson, David Steicke, Sam Khouiss, Andrew Jeffreys, Andrew Demetriou, Michael Guzzardi and 2009 Aussie Millions champ Stewart Scott.

In the end it was Andrew Hinrichsen who continued his impressive recent form by claiming yet another trophy. Hinrichsen’s aggressive style paid off, especially when he picked up pocket queens to eliminate Shannnon Vandenberg in 3rd place and then pocket aces to end the run of Paul Schenbri in 2nd place.

Final Table Results:

1st Andrew Hinrichsen $12,825
2nd Paul Schenbri $8,550
3rd Shannon Vandenberg $6,300
4th Chris Brammer $4,500
5th Glen Goldberg $3,600
6th Michael Dix $2,925
7th Michael Guzzardi $2,250
8th Gary Benson $1,800
9th Suzy Khoueis $1,350
10th Kalan Shuttlewood $900

Tomorrow will see the third event of the Aussie Millions series commence with the $1,100 Limit Holdem event kicking off at 12:30pm local time. Stay tuned to PokerNews for live updates, and to PokerNetwork for the progress of the Aussie contingent.

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Matthew Ephraums Wins Event #1 Matthew Ephraums Wins Event #1

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