First Aussie Millions Gold Ring Goes to Germany's Christian Heich

Posted at 14:08 2009-01-12
Day 2 of Event #1: $1,100 No Limit Hold’em saw 110 players return to the felt in the hope of being the sole survivor and claiming the $150,000 first place prize. Also in a new innovation for 2009, all event champions are set to receive a Poker Allure Gold Ring worth $5,000.
The tournament once again moved very quickly as the players soon found themselves in the money. Some of the notable players who were eliminated with a profit included Theo Rousalis, Brett Ogle, James Potter, Jozef Berec, Mel Judah, Michael Christanthopolous and Ben Delaney.
Steve Bouya took the chip lead into a final table that featured an interesting mix of big stacks and small stacks. Within 20 minutes of final table play, the small stacks started falling away and the title contenders emerged. Overnight chip leader Dean Blatt was eliminate in 8th place while PokerNetwork Grand Champion Sam Khouiss peddled the short stack for most of the day to eventually finish in 5th.
With play reduced to the final four players, coincidently the four largest stacks entering the final table, Paul Rochford was eliminated when his {Ts}{Td} ran into Christian Heich’s {Jc}{Js} to send Rochford to the rail in 4th place.
This gave Heich the momentum and the chip lead as he continued to play very loose-aggressive during three-handed play. His opponents are this point were Steve Topakas and Steve Buoya, and they struggled to overcome Heich as his long-ball approach was clearly out muscling his small-balling opponents. Steve Buoya eventually made a stand with his short stack holding {Kh}{Qc} but he ran into Steve Topakas’ {Kc}{Ks}. The board ran out {As}{Jh}{Qs}{9c}{9s} and Bouya was eliminated in 3rd place for $73,100 in prize money.
The heads-up contest saw the local player in Steve Topakas trying to keep the dangerous German Christian Heich from claiming the first Aussie Millions title of the year. Steve Topakas started off with the chip lead but lost the opening pot handing the lead to Christian Heich after he tried to bluff off his opponent. The lead swung back and forth several times with neither player gaining an advantage.
Eventually Heich reclaimed the lead and the final hand of the night came when Topakas called a preflop raise by Heich to see a flop of {Ah}{3c}{Jh}. Topakas checked and called a 110,000 chip bet from Heich. The turn brought the {8s}. Topakas checked again with Heich firing 275,000 which led to Topakas to check-raise all in. To his horror, Heich snap-called and showed {Jd}{Js} for a flopped set against Topakas’ {Qh}{10d} for a double gutshot straight draw. A {5s} bricked on the river to end the tournament for Topakas and earn him a very reasonable $110,380 pay out for 2nd place.
Christian Heich becomes the first lucky player to receive a coveted Aussie Millions Championship Ring and the first prize of $150,000. Coming into the final table with the second chip lead, Heich outlasted the day two field and three hours of final table play before eliminating runner up Steve Topakas to claim victory. Congratulations Christian!
Final Table Results:
1st Christian Heich - $150,000
2nd Steve Topakas - $110,380
3rd Steve Bouya - $73,100
4th Paul Rochford - $51,170
5th Sam Khouiss - $36,550
6th Clint Jordanou - $25,585
7th David Griffiths - $16,130
8th Dean Blatt - $11,965
9th Scott Peters - $9,403
10th Ismail Ismail - $6,579
Meanwhile across the Crown Poker Room, 83 players took to the virtual poker felt for Event #2: $1,050 PokerPro No Limit Hold’em event. There were some big names in the field with Michael Vartan, Annette Obrestad, Emad Tahtouh, Tony Dunst and David Saab.
James Potter and Jozef Berec were both able to collect their second cash result of the day, but in the end it was Western Australian Mitchell Carle, who lead for most of the event, overcoming Daniel Neilson in an entertaining heads-up contest to capture the second title of the Aussie Millions.
Final Table Results:
1st Mitchell Carle - $25,000
2nd Daniel Nielson - $16,600
3rd Michael Russell - $11,205
4th Daniel Noja - $9,030
5th Hai Bo Chu - $7,055
6th Nasr Elnasr - $5,395
7th Jozef Berec - $3,735
8th James Potter - $2,905
9th Joris Jaspers - $2,075
Tomorrow is Event #3 of the 2009 Aussie Millions Championships with a small, but determined field expected for the $1,100 Omaha Hi-Lo event. With more international players are arriving into Melbourne every day, the Aussie Millions is quickly gaining momentum as the excitement builds in the leadup to the Main Event. Stay tuned to PokerNetwork for all the latest news from the Crown Poker Room.

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Germany's Christian Heich Wins Event #1! Germany's Christian Heich Wins Event #1!

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