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Posted at 21:15 2011-04-06

There's no shortage of ways to keep in touch with your friends these days – email, Skype, MSN Messenger, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Blogger – if you've got a message to convey, then you're only a click away.

However, when it comes to online poker, it's only limited to in-game chat. It certainly doesn't make for an engaging experience like live poker, where players will constantly wheel and deal percentages of themselves, or set up prop bets like “last longers”. Sure, there are ways around it, but it's a clunky and often dubious process.

Not any more, thanks to Chilipoker! After four years, the iPoker network leader has today launched a massive new product that breaks down the social barriers in online poker. Known as Chiliconnect, it's the first in-house technology of its kind that integrates a social networking toolbar into the poker client which enhances the player experience.

“Chilipoker has always been close to its players through a very strong customer care team and more lately through our successful European live event tour,” said Chilipoker founder, Alexandre Dreyfus. “Carefully listening to our players, we understood that online poker players wanted to enjoy the same experience as in land-based events. We're not the biggest poker company, but we want to be the most innovative and become the favourite alternative poker room for every poker player.”

Chiliconnect adds the social experience online alongside a unique real-money challenging system and is based on four main widgets: Share, Connect, Challenge and Swap. The Share widget enables players to publish your performance results in cash games, tournaments and sit-and-gos on many social networks, directly from the poker software. You can even update your friends on big hands and how you're feeling (and let's face it, we may see a few “ragequit” moments from this!)

Of course, in order to share these results with your friends, you'll need to take advantage of the Connect widget. Find your friends and then track their progress in real-time, or check out the top daily results of other Chilipoker users. And if you think you've got what it takes to take them on, use the Challenge widget. It only takes five seconds to set up a challenge, ranging from cash games to “last longer” bets (from 2 to 6 players) up to 30 minutes after a tournament starts!

You can even cash in on your mate's “run good” by using the Swap widget – in real time, you can exchange up to 50% of shares in any tournament with another player, before and even after the tournament starts. The process is settled automatically by the client and the best part is that there is no commission or fees for this service.

Renowned poker blogger Bill Rini was blown away by the announcement: “For all the billions of dollars online poker companies have made in the last decade, this has to be one of the biggest innovations in online poker that I've seen.”

The Chiliconnect feature is live now and many more features will be rolled out in the next few weeks. In the meantime, feel free to download Chilipoker through PokerNetwork and take advantage of a generous 100% up to $600 First Deposit Bonus.

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ChiliConnect allows you to share, swap, challenge and connect! ChiliConnect allows you to share, swap, challenge and connect!

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