FTOPS XVII - $25 Million Guaranteed - Kicks Off August 4th!

Posted at 14:23 2010-07-31

Although the World Series is all packed up, and everyone is taking a well-needed vacation from the live grind, Full Tilt Poker isn’t slowing down as FTOPS XVII is kicking off in a few days!

Each year Full Tilt look to eclipse the previous year’s FTOPS figures – after it all began in August 2006 with eight events and a combined $1 million prize pool. For the seventeenth running of the highly popular online series, there are 34 events in the schedule with a combined guaranteed $19 million in prize money!

Starting on Wednesday August 4th 2010, the series features a wide selection of tournaments hosted by a Full Tilt Red Pro. Some of the events include Knockout, Shootout, Turbo and Super Turbo events, the $2 million guaranteed Two-Day event and the $3 million guaranteed FTOPS Main Event.

With Rush Poker being the new faze at the moment, Full Tilt has decided to include six Rush Poker tournaments in the schedule:

  • Event 2: $240 + $16 PLO/08 Rush Knockout ($200,000 guaranteed)
  • Event 10: $200 + $16 NLH Turbo Rush ($350,000 guaranteed)
  • Event 15: $300 + $22 PLO Turbo Rush ($200,000 guaranteed)
  • Event 21: $207 + $9 NLH Super Turbo Rush ($250,000 guaranteed)
  • Event 27: $200 + $16 Limit Holdem Rush ($150,000 guaranteed)
  • Event 33: $150 + $13 NLH Rush Rebuy ($750,000 guaranteed)

Not only will you receive a nice payday by being one of the final players in any FTOPS XVII event, but also by making the final table of any event and you will receive a limited edition FTOPS jacket. Winning an event will not also see you earn a jacket, but also a gold FTOPS jersey and coveted gold jersey avatar for use while playing. If you manage to also finish on top of the FTOPS XVII Leaderboard you will win a custom Full Tilt avatar and a prize package which includes entry into every FTOPS XVIII event (except the Two-Day event); expected to be worth approximately $10,000 in tournament entries.

If the bankroll is a little depleted, then get involved in the satellite tournaments that are running now! For just a fraction of the price, you can win your FTOPS seats through Steps Tournaments, and if you are successful in the FTOPS XVII Satellite Challenge, you can win extra tournament buy-ins and Tournament Dollars to use for the either this FTOPS or the upcoming MiniFTOPS in September.

The MiniFTOPS is your chance to turn a small buy-in into a huge score with 34 events – all at 1/10th of the buy-in of the FTOPS – that feature huge fields and prizepools with more than $6 million in guaranteed prize money up for grabs.

So to get involved in Full Tilt’s upcoming FTOPS and MiniFTOPS, make sure to download Full Tilt Poker now and take advantage of PokerNetwork’s 100% up to $600 deposit bonus so that you can be the next FTOPS champion!

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FTOPS XVII offers $25 million in guaranteed prize money! FTOPS XVII offers $25 million in guaranteed prize money!

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