FTOPS XXIV Just Several Days Away

Posted at 13:25 2013-11-23 by Tim Duckworth

The Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) XXIV is back for its final installment of 2013 with $8 million in total guaranteed prizepools and 39 chances to win FTOPS gold from November 24th to December 8th.

This FTOPS XXIV schedule is packed with a variety of game types and tournaments structures and will open the series with a $215 No Limit Hold’em Re-Entry tournament that features a $500,000 guarantee. Along with regular tournaments featuring No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, HORSE and other mixed games, there is also an Irish Poker, 6-Card Omaha and Escalator tournaments.

Irish Poker is similar to Hold’em but you are dealt four cards preflop and must discard two after the betting round on the flop. The Escalator tournaments are different to normal tournament structures as the duration of the blind levels gradually increase as the game progresses. However the marquee event of FTOPS XXIV is the Event 39: $635 Main Event that carries a $1.5 million guaranteed prizepool, while another popular event is the Event 35: $2,100 No Limit Hold’em Re-Entry (2-day event) that carries a $1 million guaranteed prizepool.


124th NovemberNo Limit Hold'em Re-Entry$215$500,000
224th NovemberNo Limit Hold'em 6-Max$1,050$300,000
325th NovemberPot Limit Omaha Rebuy$109$75,000
425th NovemberRazz$320$50,000
525th NovemberNo Limit Hold'em Rush$215$100,000
626th NovemberNo Limit Omaha Hi/Lo 6-Max$215$50,000
726th NovemberHORSE$215$40,000
826th NovemberNo Limit Hold'em Turbo (Multi-Entry)$109$200,000
927th NovemberPot Limit Irish$215$50,000
1027th NovemberNo Limit Hold'em Rebuy$320$250,000
1127th NovemberNo Limit Hold'em Rush Super Turbo$215$100,000
1228th NovemberPot Limit Omaha Heads-Up$215$25,000
1328th NovemberNo Limit Hold'em Escalator$320$100,000
1429th NovemberNo Limit Hold'em$109$100,000
1529th November7-Card Stud$215$25,000
1630th NovemberNo Limit Hold'em Re-Entry$1,050$500,000
1730th NovemberPot Limit Omaha 6-Max Triple Chance$320$100,000
1830th NovemberNo Limit Hold'em Rush$109$75,000
191st DecemberNo Limit Hold'em Knockout (Multi-Entry)$129$400,000
201st DecemberNo Limit Hold'em Re-Entry$320$600,000
211st DecemberHold'em Limit Escalator$215$50,000
222nd DecemberPot Limit 6-Card Omaha 6-Max$215$50,000
232nd December2-7 Triple Draw Limit 6-Max$320$30,000
242nd DecemberNo Limit Hold'em Turbo$215$100,000
253rd DecemberPot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Knockout$255$75,000
263rd December10-Game 6-Max (Multi-Entry)$530$75,000
273rd DecemberNo Limit Hold'em Turbo (1r1a)$109$150,000
284th DecemberPot Limit HA$215$40,000
294th DecemberNo Limit Hold'em 6-Max Rebuy$109$150,000
304th DecemberNo Limit Hold'em Super Turbo Knockout (Multi-Entry)$320$200,000
315th DecemberNo Limit Hold'em Heads-Up$320$35,000
325th DecemberPot Limit Omaha Rush$215$50,000
336th DecemberNo Limit Hold'em 6-Max$215$100,000
346th December7-Card Stud Hi/Lo$215$25,000
357th DecemberNo Limit Hold'em Re-Entry (2-day)$2,100$1,000,000
367th DecemberOmaha Hi/Lo Limit$215$30,000
377th DecemberNo Limit Hold'em Rush Rebuy$109$200,000
388th DecemberNo Limit Hold'em 6-Max Knockout (Re-Entry)$255$50,000
398th DecemberMain Event Re-Entry$635$1,500,000

Satellites into all the FTOPS XXIV tournaments start from as little as $0.11 or 100 Full Tilt Points. You can also win your FTOPS XXIV seats for a fraction of the price through Full Tilt Poker’s Steps Tournaments.

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Full Tilt Poker are also giving additional prizes to FTOPS XXIV players. Everyone that makes a final table will receive a limited editions FTOPS jacket while winners of FTOPS XXIV events will also receive a gold FTOPS jersey and a coveted gold-jersey avatar for use on Full Tilt Poker. The FTOPS XXIV Leaderboard will also award the first place finisher overall a custom Full Tilt Poker avatar and a six-month Black Card Pro Sponsorship beginning on January 1st, 2014.

One of Full Tilt Poker’s new promotions is the Bouncebackability Freeroll which gives every player that bubbles a FTOPS XXIV event an entry to an exclusive freeroll where a buy-in to the FTOPS XXV Main Event will be up for grabs.

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