Full Tilt Poker Academy at the Aussie Millions

Posted at 22:25 2011-01-22

In one of the highlights of the Aussie Millions series, a slew of Full Tilt Pros today presented the Full Tilt Poker Academy at Crown Casino. Access was granted only to Full Tilt Aussie Millions qualifiers as well as the 25 players who won seats in PokerNetwork’s exclusive freeroll on Wednesday night.

The lucky invitees who managed to make it to the luxurious room at Crown Promenade at 10.30am were served breakfast, received a t-shirt and the valuable advice and analysis of the poker pros.

Howard ‘The Professor’ Lederer opened the seminar by explaining there is “no right way to play this game.”  He also provided the tip that players shouldn’t wake up early or work out before a day of tournament poker, as you may be too tired later in the day. He confessed he tries to wake up an hour before play is to commence. That said, he did retire to his hotel room for a nap before the $100,000 Challenge kicked off this afternoon! As a true poker pro, I don’t think he appreciated the seminar’s early start.

Crowd favourite, Gus Hansen, was next to speak. He advised if you play “correctly” all the time, you are a “pretty fucking shit player!” He expressed the virtues of mixing your play and disguising your hand.

Erick Lindgren wondered out loud, “How do you follow Gus? I guess you just say fuck a lot.” E-Dog discussed “accountability” and reminisced of the 2008 WSOP when he imagined he had the Utah Jazz head coach on his shoulder analysing his hand-to-hand play.

Australia’s local hero Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros then analysed some Pot Limit Omaha. He suggested you have to look at your hole cards as six separate holdem hands – as you don’t want to back “a three-legged horse.”

Roberto Romanello then explained some of his “folds of the century” through extracting information from other players and picking up on live tells. Jonathan ‘xMONSTERxDONGx’ Karamalikis took the audience through some key hands from last year’s $100,000 Challenge at the Aussie Millions, while Simon Watt discussed his decisions in some real hands taken from cash and tournament play on Full Tilt, and debated the virtues of shoving or folding at certain stages of a tournament.

The very successful and informative event ended with the pros answering questions from the audience as well as posing for photos and providing autographs.

For more advice from the Full Tilt pros visit www.fulltiltacademy.com.

- By: Paul Birman

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The Full Tilt Poker Academy was a huge success at the Aussie Millions today The Full Tilt Poker Academy was a huge success at the Aussie Millions today

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