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Posted at 12:54 2011-03-03

Countless online poker rooms have been downloaded onto the very computer you are viewing this article from, but today I’m going to explain to you why PKR should be your next choice!

Some of you may know already that I have spent plenty of online sessions grinding on PKR – and in particular their full ring cash game tables. But before I detail the reasons why I personally think you should deposit on what could be one of the softest sites out there, let’s take a look at what PKR has to offer.


Now over four years old, PKR made a bold promise back in August 2007 that it would change the way online poker was played forever. They weren’t wrong. The success of PKR over the past four years has certainly seen that promise fulfilled, as its famous 3D technology and first class community interaction has accumulated into some impressive statistics including with over 3,750,000 registered PKR players. Throw in a high of nearly 16,000 playing at once and the fact that they aren’t afraid to splash some free money around – nearly $3 million in freerolls – and PKR is certainly doing their best increase their share of the proverbial online poker pie.

All these numbers don’t mean too much to anyone in the know as most established online sites nowadays will eventually creep up to similar figures. However, awards are something that don’t get handed out to easily, and PKR has been fortunate enough to have been awarded the Online Poker Operator of the Year 2010 at the International Gaming Awards, and also the Poker Operator of the Year 2010 from the eGaming Review Awards.

However, PKR has always been out there to attract members of the always increasing gaming market, and consequently, they have tailored their online poker room to suit not only this market, but the many novice players looking to become the next Phil Ivey!


Poker or Video Game?

When PKR first launched onto the online poker scene, many dismissed the site as a pure novelty, but over four years of success prove otherwise as many players flock to the tables to take advantage of the quirky niches that PKR has implemented.

Played more like a video game, PKR allows all players the freedom to act on the virtual table in much of the same way they might want to – but are afraid to – on the real green felt in their local casino or card room. From designing your avatar in thousands of different combinations of costumes, altering the voice, mood level, seating and viewing position – anything is possible.

However it is the ability to mess around with the non-poker elements of the game that is the major drawcard for players as they can have their avatar dance when they win a pot, tap the table and say nice hand, clap, cheer, boo, frown, flirt or even label their opponents a loser while booing or clucking like a chicken. Toss in some neat chip tricks, the ability to flash one card and the possibility of standing when all in or re-checking your hole cards on numerous occasions, makes playing on PKR feel more like a home game!

Expelling Myths

So that may sound well and good, but surely these aren’t the reasons why I should deposit on PKR?

You would be correct in your assumptions as being able to shuffle chips, cheer wildly and boo at my opponents was a fun addition on my first few visits to the tables, but it soon became annoying as my care for the video game antics soon took a back seat to playing thousands of hands while collecting all the biscuits, as I tried to build a bankroll playing low-stakes full ring No Limit Holdem.

Although the way PKR is designed – maximum of four tables before the recent upgrade and the slow hand rate in comparison to other sites – I still managed to sneak in roughly 40,000 hands over four months as I increased my bankroll by over five-fold. Some might say I was running good – and my stats do support this as I ran at over 11bb/100 – but the basic fact is that PKR is an extremely soft site for low-stakes cash games.

With the majority of the player field being gamer-based, they are fairly new to the game of poker and basically struggle in the long run as their leaks flow freely. Players love showing bluffs and their hand regardless if they win or lose the pot – so as a poker player – it is easy to take notes and then use them to your advantage as you crush your way up the limits.


I Love Easy Money...What’s The Catch?

Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion, and in particular the third law state, to every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. Well this couldn’t be underlined more in the pros and cons that PKR have to offer.

The pros are obvious – seeing your bankroll trend up due to a mix of terrible players and even more terrible players, but surely what can be the cons?

The big one is the fact that multi-tabling is tough. Very tough. Only recently was the four-table maximum dropped, but increasing the number of tables you have only makes it tougher to focus on each table due to the way the 3D graphics interact with the display. With only four tables being the ideal way to play on PKR, the next problem revolves around the slow hand-rate that each table receives.

Although more than an average live poker table, the number of hands per hour is nowhere near the numbers across all of the online poker rooms today. Mainly due to a combination of players messing around with their avatars, multi-way pots that reach the river and lengthy decision times, sometimes playing PKR makes you want to pull your hair out if you are used to standard online cash games.

PKR also struggles with traffic and range of games available. As I slowly made my way up the limits I found that at the No Limit Holdem full ring level, players tend to die off around the 100NL and 200NL mark. There is an occasional 100NL table up, and sometimes two at peak times, but with all the limits above these it becomes rare to find a table. Unless you want to battle heads up or at a six-handed table, then further development and increase in stakes at PKR will cease.

Why Should I Deposit?

I believe that PKR is a great first step into playing online poker. Whether it is the ability to mess round with quirky functions and avatars, to the softness of the low-stakes cash games, it can truly be a great introduction to online poker. For those of you reading this, you may be too advanced for PKR and will have pushed this article aside, but before you close the window, there may be some advantages for you!

Many of us have friends or family that want to start playing poker, but there are only so many pub poker events and home games that we can visit. The free poker is simply free and the home games can get too pricey, so we need to find the medium in between. Grinding the 10NL, 25NL and 50NL games on some of the more established sites like Full Tilt and PokerStars is what most people will lean to, but why not deposit on a site that offers bonuses that are just as good, a large enough player-field, and simply an easier way to win money?

Twelve months ago, I had had enough of poker – both playing and working – and decided to take a break from touching a card or a chip for four months. On return I needed a challenge, and decided that grinding cash online, at a limit that I would normally laugh at but would teach me some patience, determination and passion that I had seen float away over the past few years. Consequently I jumped on PKR and started clicking away taking each $1.75 pot that I won as serious as a pot worth over a gazillion times more than that! You too may need this challenge so you can get your drive back...it worked for me!

How To Get Started

Whether you’re on a MAC or PC, PKR caters for both – and when you sign up through PokerNetwork – you will receive a 100% up to $800 First Deposit Bonus.

Not only will you get a chance to be part of a poker room that offers stunning 3D graphics, realistic game play and customisable avatars, but you also have the opportunity to take part in plenty of freerolls, guaranteed tournaments and soft cash games!

So what are you waiting for? Download PKR today and start shipping all the biscuits!


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Enjoy the cool 3D gameplay and super soft games at PKR Enjoy the cool 3D gameplay and super soft games at PKR

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