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Posted at 09:00 2006-11-02 With the final of the Ongame Poker Classic just days away, you can expect the network’s various skins and rooms (such as Hollywood Poker) to be a buzz with excitement as players furiously try to qualify for the largest buy-in tournament to be held online. In addition to the cool $5000 buy-in anted up by every player, the Ongame Network will also be adding an additional $100,000 to the kitty, creating an ever-growing prize pool that will no doubt continue to swell right up until the final begins on Saturday November 4 (21:00 CET or 15:00 EST time). While big online poker tournaments aren’t anything new, what sets the Ongame Poker Classic apart is that once the tournament gets down to the final 45 players, play will stop and the tournament will get put in a month-long holding pattern. When play recommences, instead of the event unfolding in bedrooms and laptops across the globe, all the remaining players will take their chip stacks with them to Barcelona’s beautiful Casino de Barcelona for the final stage of the tournament, taking place between December 2 and December 3. Even better than the promise of a five night five-star escape to the Mediterranean is the announcement that each of the remaining 45 finalists’ flights and accommodation costs will be paid for by the Ongame Network and won’t come out of the event’s prizepool. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from America, Asia or Australia: if you make it to the final 45, Christmas this year is going to arrive a little earlier. It’s still not too late to qualify and with seats to the big event available for just a one dollar investment, there’s no reason not to throw yourself into the Ongame Network’s Qualifier Frenzy Week for your shot at the money and holiday. For more information, visit www.ongameclassic.com.

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