Get Ready For The Accumulator!

Posted at 23:46 2010-03-25

The Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series is now in full swing and as expected the players came out of the woodwork for the three most affordable tournaments of the schedule with events 2, 3 and 4 all being $125 No Limit Holdem attracting fields of 190, 200 and 200 respectively.

Duc Vu took down the title in Event #2, overcoming Melbourne tournament regular Kerry Stead heads-up. Event #3 saw Canberra’s Robert Potter grab the trophy as Julian Whitty was the runner-up. Interestingly Shaun Duggan of Beechworth managed to pick up consecutive third place finishes in each of these events!

Shaun wasn’t able to make it third time lucky as Roland Hawkins grabbed the win ahead of Michael Matthews while Brisbane’s Ricky Kroesen finished in third place.

Event #5 of the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series kicked off today with the $230 Six-Handed Event attracting 174 entrants in what is a tremendous opportunity to play some short-handed poker at a budget buy-in. The winner will collect a very handy $8,650.

Tomorrow is the first flight of the much anticipated “Accumulator” tournament.  This brand new tournament format will break new ground for tournament poker. Similar to the popular repechage format, this tournament will be played over two day one flights, however the accumulator tournament will allow players who make it through from day 1a to also buy into day 1b and “accumulate” more chips towards the stack that they have already taken through on day 1a. They will of course start with a brand new chip stack on day 1b, but any chips that they take through at the end of the day are added together with their day 1a stack.

The Crown Poker Room has been abuzz during the week with players discussing the optimal strategy for playing this event. Do you play only flight two? Do you play flight one and only play flight two if you bust? Or do you play both flights regardless as try to accumulate a monster stack? With a 20,000-chip starting stack and slow structure, it appears most players will be opting to play both flights in the hope of coming back on Sunday, opening up two bags full of chips and piling them all together. It should be a truly fascinating event.

The $340 Accumulator Event commences tomorrow at 12:15pm in the Crown Poker Room. For the full schedule of events, or to register online visit www.crownpoker.com.au

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Are you ready for the Accumulator? Are you ready for the Accumulator?

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