Getting To Know You: Jarred "FlopNutsOnYou" Graham

Posted at 20:39 2009-05-10
To those who don’t follow the Australian poker scene closely the name Jarred Graham may not have been well known prior to the end of 2008.
Despite putting up lots of impressive online results, he was able to stay fairly under the radar, that is, until he took down over $220,000 for winning the APPT High Rollers Event in Sydney.
No longer under the radar, Jarred is now the number four ranked online player in Australia and has continued putting up impressive scores including his most recent score of US$55,000 for 2nd in the Sunday Brawl (following in esteemed company!).
Living in Adelaide, Jarred prefers MTTs over cash games (although says he is quite happy playing 400NL) and lists his favourite PNW poster as Strong Play and Adolf Hellmuth.
Hey mate. I'm sure there are a lot of people who would love to know how you got started?
I first discovered poker by watching the WPT on Channel 10. During Year 12 we used to play drunken $20 SNG's before going out, which usually consisted of a VPIP of 100.
After a while I started to enjoy the game more and began to play freerolls online. This led to a few $5 scores that I usually lost straight away at 5/10c PLO tables.
Ok – so let’s fast forward...the last six months or so have been huge for you. What do you attribute this to?
Lots of hard work and high volume. I have watched a lot of PXF / CardRunners MTT videos and spent a great deal of time working on my game.
Also the help of Steve Leonard and his willingness to go through HH's and give me advice about my game has been crucial. Having a group of friends to discuss hands and situations with has definitely helped as well.
Do you prefer playing live or online?
I definitely prefer to play online rather then live, due to the fact I can multi table, and also there is the ease of just rolling out of bed onto the computer.
But I really enjoy going away every couple months and playing a live series and catching up with everyone.
There are a lot of tournament series both local and international coming up, and many players who have played mostly online will be sitting down at a live table. What would you say the most important changes a player needs to make when moving from online to live poker?
I don't think a player needs to make any major changes to their game when moving from online to live tournaments. Just make sure you play solid poker, as it can be easy to get spewy given the long hours.
Also try not to give away "tells" of what you are going to do preflop. A lot of people will look at their cards before it is their turn to act, and if they are going to raise, they will pick up chips before it is their turn. This is one thing a lot of people making the transition do, and should be avoided.
Also, feel free to wear deodorant people! And finally, try and wear cool shades like Obst does.
If everyone wore deodorant the Poker Room would be a much happier place, I’m sure of it! Good suggestion.
So, unfortunately Jarred you are too young to actually play any WSOP events this year – do you have any plans to travel the international poker circuit?
Yeah, it’s really annoying not being able to go to Vegas this year, but it’s definitely something I’m looking forward to doing next year. I will definitely play all the APPT events this year, and next year I’d definitely like to try some of the EPT events.
If you weren’t playing poker, what would you be doing with yourself?
I would be completing my Commerce Degree at uni to become an Accountant. So far I’ve completed one year of the course.
Much has been made of the fact that a large number of the best Aussie online players hail from the Adelaide. What’s up with that? Coincidence … Conspiracy … Farmers Union Iced Coffee?
Haha, well it’s definitely not the Iced Coffee since I don’t drink milk. I’m going to go with coincidence.
Ok, but I’m still sceptical … pretty sure there is some kind of Government conspiracy or something … anyways …
Last question buddy – which Aussie poker player would you least like to be stranded on a deserted island with?
Berky. The guy doesn’t know how to share!

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Getting To Know You: Jarred 'FlopNutsOnYou' Graham Getting To Know You: Jarred 'FlopNutsOnYou' Graham

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