Global Poker Index: Marvin Rettenmaier Back at No. 2

Posted at 10:15 2012-12-24 by Mickey Doft

Each week, the Global Poker Index releases a list of the top 300 tournament poker players in the world using a formula that takes a player's results over six half-year periods. For a look at the entire list of 300, visit the official GPI website.

Top 10 as of December 17, 2012

RankPlayerTotal ScoreRank Change
1Dan Smith3,118.55---
2Marvin Rettenmaier2,952.72+1
3Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier2,730.56+2
4Jason Mercier2,699.88-2
5Phil Hellmuth2,647.46-1
6Andrew Lichtenberger1,559.76+4
7Vanessa Selbst2,450.39-1
8David Sands2,410.74+4
9Mike Watson2,410. 21-1
10Steve O'Dwyer2,390.22-1

A bit of shuffling took place among the top 10 this week as EPT Prague saw several of the biggest names in poker posting impressive results. Marvin Rettenmaier won the high-roller event for €365,300 and has a good hold on the No. 2 spot. Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier jumped back into the No. 3 position with a fifth-place finish in the high-roller event at WPT Prague for €128,000. To give himself a little more breathing room at the top, Dan Smith took down a €5,000 six-max tournament for €68,120 at the same time Rettenmaier won the high-roller.

As for the bottom half of the top 10, Andrew Lichtenberger and David "Doc" Sands cashed in the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic, finishing in fifth and 28th place, respectively.

Welcome to the GPI

New to this week's GPI are a whopping 24 players led by Ravi Raghavan at No. 83. Raghavan took down the aforementioned WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic for $1,268,571.

New Additions

PlayerTotal GPI ScoreGPI Rank
Ravi Raghavan1,676.3183rd
Fabian Quoss1,647.5689th
Andrey Gulyy1,356.29162nd
Marco Leonzio1,263.81197th
Jess Yawitz1,250.12203rd
Sergii Baranov1,209.61216th
Greg Mueller1,201.79219th
Johnny Lodden1,187.19224th
Jan Bendik1,158.03235th
Manuel Bevand1,147.12243rd
Lucille Cailly1,143.51245th
Lee Markholt1,132.39254th
Ramzi Jelassi1,130.04257th
Mikhail Petrov1,109.14265th
Ozzy Sheikh1,095.46270th
Tom Alner1,095.33271st
John Hennigan1,084.04276th
Khiem Nguyen1,082.04277th
Tony Dunst1,075.60280th
Frank Rusnak1,073.50283rd
Ben Hamnett1.068.13285th
John Eames1,064.66290th
Maksim Semisoshenko1,060.25293rd
Martin Staszko1,048.85300th

Add 24 new players, and 24 others have to go. So, out this week are Allen Bari, Andrey Pateychuk, Angel Guillen, Brian Hastings, Carla Solinas, Chris Tryba, Chris Bell, David Bach, David "Bakes" Baker, Eric Froehlich, Hafiz Khan, Jake Cody, James Akenhead, Jan Peter Jachtmann, Joe Ebanks, John Andress, Kory Kilpatrick, Kunal Patel, Layne Flack, Manig Loeser, Marko Neumann, Massimo Mosele, Matt Ezrol, and Stephane Albertini.

Ups and Downs

The biggest rise of the week belonged to Simon Ravnsbaek. The Dane topped a field of 306 in a €2,000 side event at EPT Prague for €128,700. Along with cashing in another €2,000 side event at EPT Prague and the WPT Prague Main Event earlier in December, Ravnsbaek added three scores to his Period 1 slate.

Biggest Gains

RankPlayerTotal ScoreChange in Rank From Last Week
51stSimon Ravnsbaek1,584.34+128
67thElio Fox1,758.74+87
70thMartin Finger1,741.57+106
129thDanyel Boyaciyan1,458.05+102
157thChris DeMaci1,368.77+110
165thJason Somerville1,341.69+124
166thAndy Bloch1,340.72+94
169thCraig McCorkell1,333.47+95
178thEddy Sabat1,307.14+118
204thRocco Palumbo1,243.99+91

On the other end of the spectrum, Phil Ivey took a big fall from No. 19 to No. 96. Ivey's Period 1 took a hit as his third-place finish in Event No. 24 and fifth-place finish in Event No. 32 from the 2012 WSOP aged into Period 2.

Biggest Drops

RankPlayerTotal ScoreChange in Rank From Last Week
96thPhil Ivey1,602.76-77
126thJoe Tehan1,468.14-72
175thOgnjen Sekularec1,316.40-80
186thDaniel Idema1,287.42-75
192ndZimnan Ziyard1,275.38-69
230thIsmael Bojang1,165.64-71
267thKenny Hicks1,102.32-69
281stVyacheslav Igin1,075.12-103
286thAmnon Filippi1,068.0672
288thJosh Brikis1,065.37-71
294thRyan Julius1,059.08-69

What's In Store?

The major tournaments are done for 2012, but aging WSOP scores will continue to play a role for the next few weeks.

To look at the entire list of 300, visit the official GPI website. While you're at it, follow the GPI on Twitter and its Facebook page.

To stay on top of the GPI and other happenings in the poker world, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

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