Global Poker Index: Philipp Gruissem Falls From the Top 10

Posted at 13:30 2012-12-14 by Mickey Doft

Each week, the Global Poker Index releases a list of the top 300 tournament poker players in the world using a formula that takes a player's results over six half-year periods. For a look at the entire list of 300, visit the official GPI website.

Top 10 as of December 10, 2012

RankPlayerTotal ScoreRank Change
1Dan Smith3,041.92--
2Jason Mercier2,737.45--
3Marvin Rettenmaier2,723.49--
4Phil Hellmuth2,695.40+1
5Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier2,683.98-1
6Vanessa Selbst2,450.39--
7Michael Mizrachi2,441.10+1
8Mike Watson2,424.35+1
9Steve O'Dwyer2,423.32+1
10Andrew Lichtenberger2,361.79+1

Philipp Gruissem slipped out of the 10 this this week. His third-place finish in a €10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Reentry tournament at EPT Prague last December aged into Period 3.

Welcome to the GPI

Sixteen players new to this week's GPI are led by Roman Romanovskyi at No. 247 after his sixth-place finish in an $1,825 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event at the Ukranian-Russian Tour Grand Final in Kiev.

New Additions

PlayerTotal GPI ScoreGPI Rank
Roman Romanovskyi1,127.52247th
Manig Loeser1,111.08253rd
Nicholas Verkaik1,076.45268th
Jesse Alexis Cohen1,063.96272nd
Joe Ebanks1,052.83280th
Layne Flack1,039.99284th
Jan Peter Jachtmann1,039.04285th
Angel Guillen1,036.92287th
Matt Ezrol1,036.09288th
Jason Somerville1,034.47289th
Carla Solinas1,033.46290th
Massimo Mosele1,033.46291st
Stephane Albertini1,030.00294th
Rocco Palumbo1,028.69295th
Kory Kilpatrick1,027.92297th
Chris Bell1,027.22300th

Alessio Isaia, Brian Hawkins, Bryce Yockey, Chance Kornuth, Chris McClung, Fabian Quoss, Fred Goldberg, Jean-Philippe Rohr, John Eames, Kevin Saul, Konstantin Streletskiy, Luke Nettles, Matt Giannetti, Matt Matros, Nicolas Levi, and Vitor Coelho fell from the GPI this week.

Ups and Downs

The biggest rise of the week belonged to Dan Murariu for his win in the €1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Unibet Open Main Event at St. Maarten.

Biggest Gains

RankPlayerTotal ScoreChange in Rank From Last Week
129thDan Murariu1,1,429.03+107
158thJon Aguiar1,333.64+40
166thJeff Madsen1,289.62+43
188thThiago Nishijima1,231.05+64
192ndHarrison Gimbel1,217.44+59
194thJustin Conley1,215.44+68
203rdBryan Devonshire1,196.00+88
205thTerrence Chan1,195.64+87
221stJoseph Couden1,161.53+46
223rdSamad Razavi1,155.36+47

Matt Glantz slipped the furthest this week after his two 2012 WSOP cashes aged into Period 2, leaving him with just one cash counting in Period 1.

Biggest Drops

RankPlayerTotal ScoreChange in Rank From Last Week
172ndDavid Peters1,274.08-63
230thJames Dempsey1,149.34-70
231stDanyel Boyaciyan1,148.56-60
250thMatt Glantz1,116.91-100
261stCliff Josephy1,093.15-57
266thChady Ojeil1,083.69-55
267thChrist DeMaci1,077.26-74
278thGreg Ronaldson1,057.74-84
299thJohn Andress1,027.30-57

What's In Store?

The final table results from the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic will take shape in the GPI next week, and you can be sure that Shawn Buchanan (No. 45), Antonio Esfanfiari (No. 99) and Andrew Lichtenberger (No. 10) will each see a nice rise. In Lichtenberger's case, he is likely to rise to No. 6.

To look at the entire list of 300, visit the official GPI website. While you're at it, follow the GPI on Twitter and its Facebook page.

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