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Posted at 13:34 2010-02-07

We have a brand new feature on PokerNetwork that everyone can participate in. Blog It is the chance for you to share your thoughts with the poker community and be heard!

Poker blogs are commonplace nowadays but now you have the chance for your thoughts to be read by thousands of daily visitors to the PokerNetwork website. What a great opportunity to share your poker experiences, bad beats, brags, balla/degen lifestyle or whatever is on your mind! The latest blogs will appear on the homepage as well as on the new PokerNetwork Blog page.

Here’s how you can use this new feature!

Login to your PokerNetwork account on the PNW home page, and you’ll see a menu on the right-hand corner of the page. Click “Create Content” and then choose “Blog”. Alternative you can visit this page directly - http://www.pokernetwork.com/node/add/blog.

Then use the text editor to type up your blog in any way you like! The rich text editor allows you to format the font in any way you like and you can also add links, hyperlinks, tournament results, poker hands or embedded YouTube videos.

Links to your own personal blog websites are allowed as long as your site doesn’t have any affiliate links. If your site is an affiliate site, then as a competitor to PNW, you are not permitted to add a link to it.

When reading the blogs you can leave comments or rate it (positively or negatively!). The latest blogs will also appear on the home page so this is your chance to get your name in bright lights and boost your own profile! Also keep an eye out for feature blogs from many of the PokerNews bloggers and some of Australia’s finest players!

Blog It has arrived so give it a try today!

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Let your voice be heard!  Blog It! Let your voice be heard! Blog It!

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