Gus Hansen Wins First WSOP Bracelet

Posted at 22:01 2010-09-27

Full Tilt Poker's Gus Hansen is the latest pro to strike his name off the “those without a WSOP bracelet” list, after winning the £10,350 No-Limit Hold'em High Roller Heads-Up WSOPE event in London. Following the success of Jeff Lisandro and Phil Laak, Hansen is another familiar name to win a World Series of Poker Europe title this year.

The Great Dane faced online young gun Jim Collopy heads up for the title, in a best-of-three combat. Tied at 1-1, the final battle was postponed after the first two matches ticked over to 3:45am.  The two then jumped into Day 1b of the WSOPE Main Event before both Hansen and Collopy were eliminated by the end of Day 2.  The final of the Heads-Up Event then resumed three days after it had begun with one final match left to determine the bracelet winner.

After having some time to prepare for the final encounter, and with a renewed database of information on each other’s play, the third match was quite different to the first two. Hansen was no longer limping every button, which seemed to be his tactic in the first two matches, but rather was raising a lot more with a willingness to play bigger pots. Collopy adjusted and showed even more aggression than previously. “I was up against it from the beginning,” Hansen credited his opponent.

After a slow start with Collopy dominating early, Hansen made his way back into the match when he rivered a boat against Collopy’s trips. Back in the chip lead, Hansen continued to chip away at Collopy until the end of the fourth hour where the final blow fell. With the blinds at 20,000/40,000 in level 5, Collopy was down to 1.2 million chips and had met two of Hansen’s raises with all-ins that forced a fold from his opponent. On the third attempt, Collopy’s all-in raise was met with a call by Hansen tabling {4h}{4d}. It was in front of Collopy’s {Ks}{4s}, which couldn’t connect as the board bricked to give Hansen his first bracelet.

Was Hansen relieved to finally get the bracelet monkey off his back? “Definitely, for sure. I’ve been playing in the WSOP since 1996 when my good friend, Huck Seed, won the Main Event. I’ve had a lot of attempts since then and come close a couple of times. I’m also surprised it came in a heads-up event,” he responded to media.

PokerNews' own Gloria Balding caught up with the Danish superstar following his historic win...

Hansen now adds a World Series of Poker bracelet to his collection of poker achievements, which includes the 2007 Aussie Millions title. For the win, Hansen will add £288,409 to his more than $10 million in career tournament earnings. Collopy took £178,211 for second.

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Gus Hansen Wins WSOPE bracelet! Gus Hansen Wins WSOPE bracelet!

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