Hate Rake? Try BetRaiser!

Posted at 19:16 2009-04-30
PokerNetwork continues to strive to find the best online poker offers available for our players, and we are pleased to present you with a new unique poker club on the Internet, BetRaiser poker. Fans of freerolls and soft, profitable games will be glad as BetRaiser doesn't take a rake from any of its cash tables and tournaments! That’s right no rake! Better than rakeback!
In addition, if you’re new to online poker, BetRaiser also runs €50 freerolls every two hours! What a great way to boost your bankroll! Single table tournaments are also run every half hour each day with extra prize money added to the pot.
BetRaiser is breaking the mold that all poker rooms are the same. There are many fantastic advantages to BetRaiser, and as the site gathers more players, then we can only expect more value and unique promotions for real-money players in the future.
BetRaiser is a part of the BetCruise gambling portal, which also has casino games with equal odds and a betting exchange without a commission.
Deposit and withdrawal options are important factors for players, and BetRaiser does not disappoint. Deposit options include Moneybookers, Click2pay, Click&Buy, Paysafecard, Ecocard and Neteller. Moreover, there is one more important thing to note - BetRaiser pays for the payment system commission during a deposit. As far as the speed is concerned, withdrawing funds can be done at any time of day, and payments of sums equal to the deposit happen automatically.
·         €50 freerolls every two hours
·         Value added Sit’n Go’s every half hour
·         ...and no rake!
BetRaiser is a young poker club that is obligated to, and will, surprise you! Check it out today!


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Try BetRaiser For Rake Free Poker! Try BetRaiser For Rake Free Poker!

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