Help Yourself To A Free $50 From PartyPoker And Poker770!

Posted at 13:30 2012-09-14 by PokerNetwork Staff

PokerNews is giving you the chance to boost your bankroll by $120 thanks to three special offers from two of our leading partners. Just sign up for either Poker770 or PartyPoker through PokerNews and you’ll receive an exclusive free $50. Poker770 are also giving you the chance to grab an additional free $20 this weekend in their Cash Machine promotion. Take advantage of all three promotions and $120 could be yours!

Get a Free $50 From PartyPoker

For those who choose PartyPoker, follow the simple steps highlighted below and the free $50 will find its way to your account in a matter of days:

  • Download the PartyPoker software through PokerNews
  • Create a new PartyPoker account and enter the bonus code "PNETWORK50"
  • Fill in the registration form in the PartyPoker cashier
  • Return to PokerNetwork and fill in our small registration form
  • Check your email inbox for a confirmation email from free50@pokernews.com

Once you have received a confirmation email, $20 will be placed in your PartyPoker account. You must earn at least 40 PartyPoints before you will be able to withdraw the free $20. If you do not earn 40 PartyPoints within 60 days, the initial $20, or whatever remains of it, will be forfeited.

PartyPoints are earned at a rate of two PartyPoints per $1 in rake or tournament fees, so earning 40 within 60 days should be a very easy task even for those of you who play at the micro-stakes.

Once 40 PartyPoints have been earned, a further $30 will be deposited into your account, bringing the total free cash amount to $50. You must then generate an additional 160 points before you can cash out any of the $30 and must do so within 120 days otherwise the $30, or the remainder of it will be forfeited. Again, meeting the requirements is easy especially as you have almost four months to do so.

Here are some answers to other frequently asked questions in relation to this promotion:

Q: Why Should I sign-up for $50FREE?

A: With NO DEPOSIT requirement, you can start your PartyPoker career with a $50 bankroll Risk Free! Plus, as a member of Club PokerNews you will automatically qualify for all our EXCLUSIVE PartyPoker promotions.

Q: I signed up to PartyPoker through another site's promo code? Can I get $50FREE?

A: No. This one-of-a-kind free money promotion is only available via the PokerNews Network. If you were unlucky enough to sign up through another site, we still invite you to check out Club PokerNews offers and promotions at our other featured poker rooms.

Visit PartyPoker Now!

Get a Free $50 From Poker770

For Poker770, all you have to do is download Poker770 through PokerNews, enter the bonus code "network50" and fill in and submit the details on the form.

As soon as it’s submitted and your account verified, $25 will be released into your account. From there, earn at least one Poker770 point within the first 60 days of receiving that bonus to lock up the money (if you don’t earn at least one point in that time frame, you’ll forfeit your right to the money). To get the other $25, you’ll just need to earn 500 Poker770 points within the next 120 days. This is applicable to players in Andorra, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Greece, Holland, Iceland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland or the U.K.

For players residing in either Argentina, Belarus, Bolivia, Chile, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, India, Japan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Madagascar, Mexico, Montenegro, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Ukraine, Uruguay or Venezuela, your free $50 will be split into three parts. The first $10 will be released into your Poker770 account immediately, and another $20 will be released once you have earned 500 Poker770 points within 120 days. Finally, the last $20 will be released once you have earned another 500 Poker770 points within 120 days.

To withdraw any of the cash, you just need to generate $50 in cash-game rake/tournament fees or by depositing $100 into your Poker770 account. Do either and then you can cash out your free $50; moreover, you can withdraw any profits over the initial $50 any time you like.

Here are a few other frequently asked questions with helpful answers:

Q: I signed up to Poker770 through PokerNews a long time ago. Am I eligible for the Poker770 $50 FREE offer?

A: If you have not made a deposit or taken advantage of any Poker770 $50 FREE offer in the past, you may be eligible for this offer. If you are not eligible we still invite you to check out Club PokerNews for more offers and promotions at Poker770 and our other featured poker rooms.

Q: I signed up to Poker770 through another site's promo code. Can I still get the Poker770 $50 FREE?

A: Unfortunately, no. This one-of-a-kind promotion is only available via the PokerNews network. If you already signed up through another site, we still invite you to check out Club PokerNews offers and promotions at our other featured poker rooms.

Q: I don’t want to participate in the Poker770 $50 FREE promotion, I would like to deposit and receive a first-deposit bonus, how do I get that?

A: Simply send an email to support@poker770.com to receive a generous first-deposit bonus.

Help Yourself To An Addition $20 For A Limited Time Only In The Cash Machine Promotion!

Along with being able to help yourself to a free $50 bankroll on Poker770 with our long-running promotion, you can now receive an extra $20 just for making a deposit into your Poker770 account between Sept. 19 and 20. To help yourself to some extra free cash, simply log onto your Poker770 account, make a deposit, and it will be matched 100% (up to $20) as a cash bonus! It really is as easy as that!

You can use the cash for whatever purpose you deem fit. Sit down with it at one of the many cash games on offer or use it to enter one of the superb multi-table tournaments that Poker770 host. It really is up to you.

These special offers are only available to new PartyPoker and Poker770 customers who have yet to make a deposit onto either site. Be sure to enter the bonus code "network50" on Poker770 and "PNETWORK50" on PartyPoker.

If you experience any problems with this or any of our promotions, please contact our Ticketed Promo Support System.

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