Inaugural PokerStars SCOOP Series Comes To An End

Posted at 19:56 2009-04-14
Well the 2009 SCOOP is over! For me the experience was not all that different to my average visit to a strip club. Like a strip club, I didn’t plan to take part, but everyone else was going and who am I to argue? I spent far more money than I had ever intended to spend but do not regret even one cent of it. It was all over far too quickly and most importantly I loved every moment.
The Spring Championships of Online Poker at PokerStars captivated the online world, from the 27,000 people who signed up for the opening event to the incredible $5 million in prize money that was offered in the Main Event.  I personally only managed to cash in one event, the $5.50 rebuy event (I cashed for $20 after spending about $35 in rebuys). However the tournament series was very eventful for many PokerNetwork Players and fellow Australians. We covered the first ten events in last week's SCOOP article, so let’s have a look at some of the results from the second half of the SCOOP series.
Event 11 was Mixed Hold’em and this was when PokerNetwork players really painted their mark on the SCOOP series. Two of the PokerNetwork’s more talented players, Jay "SEABEAST" Kinkade and James "Andy_McLEOD" Obst, both had some impressive results in this event.  Kinkade (under the screen name Shaihulud) finished 3rd in the $320 Medium event to pick up in excess of $30,000 however the big score of the day belonged to Obst who won the $3200 High event to collect a very succulent $184,000! Not bad for a few hours work! One of the things that made Obst’s victory more amazing is the fact that going into heads-up play for the tournament title Obst’s opponent held a 10:1 chip lead. When offered the prospect of doing a deal, Obst informed his opponent “We split 50/50 or I am winning”. His opponent rejected the deal and Obst, true to his word, overturned a massive chip deficit to win the event!
The bulk of the Aussie cashes came in the medium events which was evident in Event 14, the $530 6-max tournament where Melbourne players Steve "StevoL" Leonard and Aleks “Berkyy” Brkovic finished 26th and 31st respectively for cashes above $3,000. Perth player “filthy999” finished 38th for around $2,500.
“Thret” from Melbourne is a very strong supporter of PokerNetwork, (you can often find his informative contributions in the PNW Forums) so we were all quite happy to see his 30th place in the $425 8-Game event for a well earned $1,100. “Thret” also placed well in event 18 the Limit Omaha Hi/Lo event where he finished 13th and scored more than $2,500.
Event 16 was Limit Stud where, in the medium event, Martin “rumNraisin” Harvey from Brisbane finished 11th ($1,700) and Scott "Punty" Smith from Sydney (and winner of the 2007 Melbourne Championships $175 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo) finished 17th ($1,000). I am fortunate enough to be on Punty’s couch as I write this so I asked him for a quote regarding his Limit Stud cash. His reply was “I don’t know dude”, proving that you don’t need to be able to think quickly to make the big bucks playing poker!
It would seem wrong to write poker tournament results without typing the name Jonathan "xMONSTERxDONGx" Karamalikis. Lucky for us he finished 17th in the medium version of event 17 collecting $3,100 for his efforts.
“Summit” from Melbourne finished 38th in the medium version of event 20, the $520 Limit Hold’em tournament. “Summit” picked up around $1,200 for this efforts however the most amazing thing about this tournament is the fact that both the medium and $5,200 high version were both won by PokerStars player “unassigned’ who is none other than professional poker player Terrence “Not Johnny” Chan. Congratulations must be sent his way after he claimed not only the two titles but in excess of $180,000 in the one day.
The Main Events were quite amazing. As mentioned the high version of the Main Event had a salivating $5 million dollars on offer and a very intimidating $10,300 entry fee.  No Australian players were lucky enough to pick up the big cash in this one but congratulations to the winner “j.thaddeus” from Galway who picked up $963,338. Aussie players who made significant cashes during the Low and Medium Main events were as follows:
$109 Low Main Event
Rfella from Sydney in 71st place $2,000
$1,050 Medium Main Event
Babbs1337 from Sydney in 25th place $8,000
Heffalump75 from Melbourne in 32nd place $8,000
HarrisMP from Brisbane in 181st place $3,000
Filthy999 from Perth in 382nd place for $1,600
Stev0L_ from Melbourne in 418th place for $1,500
Congratulations to these players and all other players that cashed during the PokerStars SCOOP. If one message has come out of this series it is that the talent pool of Australian players is alive and well. I look forward to reporting on the amazing success that players from our community have over the coming months.


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PokerStars SCOOP Series Wraps Up PokerStars SCOOP Series Wraps Up

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