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Sunday January 27, 2008
by The Croc

Aussie Millions 2008 Wrap up

As the dust settles and the winners celebrate while the losers can lick their wounds another Aussie Millions has passed us by. Still no Aussie to win the main event, and another new face to take the title. Congratulations to Alexander Kostritsyn - 2008 Aussie Millions Champion. Another record field of 780 players to keep this wonderful tournament growing bigger and bigger.

I know I have been stating that the Crown Event is possibly the best Poker tournament in the world and will explain. The WSOP is run like an assembly factory with players having to put up with poor playing conditions at times. Their make-shift Poker room tent is a hit and miss affair. You either cook like a roast pig on a spit or freeze like a chocolate paddle pop. This could easily occur on the same day. Their tournament structures were pathetic and still to date no one has taken responsibility for them.
By the way has anyone survived the Chicken Wrap in their Poker Cafeteria? In the early 90s it was a pleasure to go to the WSOP and all players were well looked after with nightly Buffets filled with seafood and many social times around the Binion bars.

The WSOP is run in Vegas where you have to be 21 years of age to play
At Crown you can play at 18 years of age which attracted some of the worlds best youngsters. Internet superstars like Annette15, Timex, AboveBelow, JJProdigy, Gobboboy, Bond18, Durr, Adam Jenglen were all participating and of course Niki Jedlicka who kept the cash games going and going. At only 20 years of age this individual is fearless and a friendly individual.
Although Niki Jedlicka is young, he’s been both a millionaire and broke several times over, through online poker. His largest win to date is $2.1 Million in July, playing the 200/400 PLO games as KaiBuxxe on Full Tllt. I have talked to Niki several times and I respect his game and like him as a person. These youngsters are walking laptops and times have changed on how to play NoLimit Holdem.
In 2009 with the introduction on the schedule of a 10k HORSE and maybe a 2k as well, and the increasing numbers on the 100k Event hopefully the Aussie Millions will again hit a record high of entrants. Only time will tell.

The cash games were plentiful this year with many games on offer from $2-5 to 500-1000 PLO, which was too rich for my blood. The 400-800 3 game rotation was a huge success with 16 days straight getting up at 6.00pm every night and at times not going down till the next days event at 12.30pm where the Crown staff had to close the game down as the table was needed for the tournament.

Funny Moments and Stories

Michael Tomeny after taking J-7-7-4 in Omaha Hi Lo and scooping a huge pot against two of the American Pros calmly stacked his chips and asked Crown staff to

One of the players, Noah, stood up losing 30k and stating if I don’t win 100k by the end of the trip it would be a miracle. Just like Noah of the Ark he sailed out of Crown talking to himself by the time the Aussies showed him the fundamentals of poker.
Most people read Sklansky, Brunson, and Harrington on Poker, down under we prefer Walt Disney and let our imagination go to work.

Phil Laak after losing 12k straight in the game and not changing his 50k of blue chips to blacks slowly tried to leave the game. He was told if he couldn’t beat this game his poker career was over. Another 13k added to his losses and off he went to dinner only to return to pick up his 25k remaining blue chips. Jason Gray looked up and said don’t worry Phil you were just “un laak y”

Mike the Mouth sat down and started on how bad the players were unfortunately I can’t write his comments as every second word I would have to bleep. He abused poor King Richard of being the worst he has seen. After Chufty (King Richard ) beat him in a few pots he said “ Mike you play too tight and don’t use enough imagination to win in this game”

Joe Hachem took a shot one night and after playing for 3 hours said “If I could lock you boys up for the rest of the year I wouldn’t need to travel ever again”

Sydney Sam who every year has been the Champ and the big winner in this game for the last 5 years had to change his name from Sam the Champ to Sam the “Incinerator” as I don’t I have ever seen anyone burn money that quick ever in my life.

In the past we used to go to Festival Hall to watch Mario Milano take on King Curtis, Hulk Hogan vs King Kong Bundy, Sting vs the Undertaker, The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin. Well that was nothing compared to Niki (KaiBuxxe) Jedlicka vs Cousin Joe. After crushing all before him in the 200-400 PLO Niki took on Cousin Joe.
Cousin raised the pot, Niki repopped the pot, Cousin said I re raised Niki up again.
In the end Niks doulble suited Aces were no match for Cousins 8-7-4-2 Hand and Cousin scooped a 170k pot and calmly got up and said thanks for the Lessons boys.

As I ventured to take my seat in the 100k cash buy in game I looked around to see the following Gus Hansen, Tony G, Eli Ezra , Durr, Ivey and Patrick Antonius I remembered a famous saying. When you sit at the poker table your mission was to look for the Donkey. After sitting down I spotted the Donkey so I asked Patrick to pass me a mirror.

Forgettable Moments

The attack on Jason Potter was a poor moment in Poker and for Jason. Potter was struck in the back of the head by his assailant as he walked across the Spencer Street Bridge in central Melbourne, not far from the Crown Casino. The attacker had possibly 'cased' Potter earlier in the evening, perhaps selecting his victim. After striking Potter, the robber reached immediately into the stunned Potter's hooded pocket where Potter still had $30,000, in large part his winnings from the 2008 Aussie Millions Main Event, where he placed 31st. It was good to hear Jason say he would come back and to be attacked at anytime in your life is a traumatic experience.
Jason good luck to you and hopefully we can share a drink across the bar next Aussie Millions.

Party Time

One of the best times is the Crown party that is open to all the players. With finger food and continual showering of drinks this party is not to be missed. There were caged dancing girls plenty of dancing and Poker News video clips of players letting their hair down. If you got to hot under the collar you could escape to the out door decking which can accommodate 500 + players without being squashed.

I am really delighted that Poker has taken such a growth over the world and especially in Australia with this wonderful event in my back yard. In the past once the WSOP was over we would have to wait another year for a major poker event.

Thanks to the internet, television, Joe Hachem’s 2005 WSOP victory Poker News and the hard work from Crown we are treated to one of the best run tournaments in the world. So get on Pokernetwork and tell everyone how was your Aussie Millions.

Ciao from Billy the Croc

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