Ismail Ismail Rides Chip and a Chair To HORSE Victory

Posted at 18:22 2009-03-16
103 players returned on Sunday to battle out in day two of Event 7: $340 No Limit Holdem, and with the top 32 being paid action was bound to be fast.
Carey Ciuro, Michael Bancroft, Andrew Scott, Andrew Demetriou, Manny Rodrigues and Antonio Casale turned their solid day one play into a day two cash, however it would be Raj Ramakrishnan to fall one place shy of his second final table of the year following his fourth placing in this year’s Aussie Millions Main Event.
Bong Vongsykeo and Martin Harvey would continue their day one rampage both making the final table, but falling short in 6th and 9th place respectively with Harvey being eliminated with more than a third of the chips on the line. Facing a standard 3x raise to 75,000 Harvey moved all in from the small blind for over 400,000 with pocket tens and was called by Ace-Ten. The ace would fall and Harvey would exit early to the displeasure of his ChipMeUp backers.
Final Table Results:
1st – Colin Lang ($23,715)
2nd – Matthew Forte ($15,475)
3rd – Eugene Portlen ($11,700)
4th – Sam Pawson ($9,075)
5th – Karib Karib ($6,565)
6th – Bong Vongsykeo ($4,895)
7th – Hugh Cohen ($3,225)
8th – Phillip Iglesias ($1,850)
9th – Martin Harvey ($1,450)
While play was wrapping up in Event 7, another was underway with Event 8: $550 H.O.R.S.E. taking place. The usual stalwart of players showed up with Graeme ‘KiwiG’ Putt, David Morton, Peter Aristidou, Abel Cabrera, Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros, Leo Boxell and Michael ‘TheBigSiCkO’ Guzzardi being some of the 53 starters.
However one player that unusually didn’t take part was PokerStars pro Joe Hachem who was busy in a SNG with the Kings of Leon and Zac Efron. With Efron emerging victorious it was a surprise to see Hachem miss out on some vital H.O.R.S.E. practice as he has intentions of playing the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event at this year’s WSOP.
Putt would make the final table, but bubble for the money falling in 8th place, however it would be Ismail Ismail to notch up the story of the night. During the fifth level of play in the Razz orbit, Ismail was all in for his $100 ante and came out a winner, followed by winning the next two pots. Ismail rode that luck and fortune all the to heads-up play where he dispatched of German Paul Wagenschutz on a board of {Qh}{4d}{7s}{6s}{5d} holding {Qs}{8d} to Wagenschutz’s {Kc}{3c} to see him hoist the trophy high and pocket $9,000 for his efforts.
Final Results:
1st – Ismail Ismail ($9,000)
2nd – Paul Wagenschutz ($5,830)
3rd – Lee Nelson ($3,580)
4th – Simon Knight ($2,785)
5th – Angie Italiano ($2,255)
6th – Josh Cunningham ($1,725)
7th – David Morton ($1,325)
As the big boys start to arrive into town, tomorrow is the $1,100 No Limit Holdem 6-Handed event which should draw a quality field. Stay tuned to PokerNetwork for all the daily updates!

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