Jeff Lisandro Picks Up Australia's First 2009 WSOP Bracelet

Posted at 14:00 2009-06-09
The Aussie assault at this year’s World Series of Poker is well and truly underway with Jeff Lisandro winning Event 16: $1500 Seven Card Stud and sending the first, of hopefully many bracelets, back to our shores!
Now some “nay sayers” out there might try to tell you that Jeff Lisandro is not Australian and that he actually hails from the town of Salerno in Southern Italy, but let me assure you, these people are wrong. Lisandro is as Aussie as meat pies, kangaroos and Kostya Tszyu!
Lisandro was born in Perth and claims to have been taught poker as a five year old by his mother. She must have taught him well as he now boasts two World Series of Poker bracelets. His first came in 2007 and was also in a Seven Card Stud event which just proves his dominance in this form of the game. On that occasion he outlasted both Daniel Negreanu and Nick Frangos at the final table on his way to the bracelet and this year’s win was just as tough.
359 players started Event 16 and at the final table, Lisandro was up once again against Nick Frangos as well as other seasoned poker pros such as John Juanda. However it was Lisandro’s skill and determination that would reign supreme.
Mitch Schock was the first man eliminated from the final table. He got involved in a hand with John Juanda and Nick Frangos and could not beat Frangos’ trip Queens and was eliminated in 8th place picking up $13,373 and some great experience.
Daniel Studer finished in seventh place when John Juanda rivered a flush that sent Studer to the rail with $15,862 to console himself. This hand gave Juanda the chip lead which seemed to snap Lisandro into life as he then turned it up a gear and started to apply pressure to the rest of the table.
Eric Pardley was the first to feel the wrath of Lisandro when his one pair was no match for Lisandro’s two pair and he was eliminated in 6th place ($19,690). Lisandro then won a massive pot vs Juanda to take over the chip lead and with five players left was sitting very pretty with over half of the chips in play!
The man with probably the coolest name in poker, Steven Stencil, was causing damage of his own as he eliminated John Juanda in 5th place ($25,634) however, not to be out done, Lisandro then eliminated Nick Frangos in 4th place ($35,087) and we were down to our final three players.
Lisandro’s dominance over his two opponents was evident he sat with over 1 million chips as the other two players had about 250,000 between them and from this point it was just a matter of time until Lisandro cracked them.
Stencil was the first to go when he was eliminated by Rod Pardley. Pardley had a flush and no matter how many times he looked at his cards Stencil could not beat this. He mucked and exited in 3rd place ‘pencilling’ in a nice $50,626 pay day for himself and we were heads up for a bracelet!
Now Rod Pardley is no slouch when it comes to Seven Card Stud. He has two bracelets in this discipline coming in 1991 and 1994, so whilst Lisandro had the momentum and the chips, it was never going to be a certainty that he would win.
However the heads-up confrontation took a little more than half an hour to play, as Lisandro proved why he is one of the world’s most feared Stud players. The final hand played out with Lisandro holding {ad}{kd}{5d}{ks}{Td}{8d}{6h} for an Ace high flush. Pardley mucked and was our runner up ($77,230) which left Australian Jeff Lisandro with the bracelet and the $124,459 bounty for first prize.
We knew it was just a matter of time before our Aussie Assault on Las Vegas kicked into gear. This is sure to be the first of many great Australian results at this year’s WSOP. You can sweat all the Australian action as well as leaving well wishes for Jeff Lisandro or any other Aussie poker players you like by checking out the new Live Tournaments Forum and also don’t forget to check out PokerNetwork Radio each week during the World Series as we take a look at all of the events and any significant Aussie cashes!


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Jeff Lisandro Wins WSOP Bracelet! Jeff Lisandro Wins WSOP Bracelet!

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