JHDSS Main Event Kicks Off; Ali Khalil Wins High Stakes Holdem!

Posted at 14:53 2010-04-02

Although Thursday brought the commencement of the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event, there were two worthy events placed on the schedule.

Kicking off at lunchtime was Event14: $2,200 High Stakes Holdem where 51 of Australia’s toughest and best players took to the felt to battle it out. Joe Hachem, Tino Lechich, Sam Youssef, Peter Aristidou, Jonathan Karamalikis and Jay Kinkade were just a few of the names that began the day but were unable to make the final table.

Ali Khalil headlined the final table with just over 270,000 in chips with Shane Moran and Reza Vakili the closest competition with around 220,000 and 230,000 each. High stakes cash game players Sam Khouiss, Jarred Graham and Michael Guttman also reached the ten-handed final table as players jostled for one of the six paid places.

Following the bubble bustout of Reza Vakili in 7th, Khalil pressed with aggression as he looked to his experience to pressure his fellow tablemates and hopefully score his maiden trophy. Once he had eliminated Petar Vujic there was no turning back for Khalil as he amassed two-thirds of the chips in play. One little set back three-handed via the double up of Guttman didn’t deter Khalil as he pressed on to capture the High Stakes Holdem trophy and $35,700 in prizemoney.

1st – Ali Khalil ($35,700)
2nd – Michal Guttman ($25,500)
3rd – Seonglee Ang ($16,320)
4th – Petar Vujic ($11,220)
5th – Shane Moran ($8,160)
6th – Jarred Graham ($5,100)

As the High Stakes Holdem final table played out, the Event 15: $550 Main Event kicked off at just after 7pm.

Daniel Neilson, Michael Guzzardi, Peter Aristidou, Yann Pauchon, Oliver Gill, Tino Lechich and Karl Krautschneider were just a handful of the 256 players that took to the felt but finished their day before being able to bag any chips.

87 players made it through flight one with local high stakes cash game player Joey Baker holding a monstrous chip lead with 245,800 in chips. Jamie Tee (187,500), Paul Taylor (168,000), Paul Colling (160,000), Mark 'thret' Furniss (110,900) and Ryan McKay (93,300) are his nearest rivals while defending Champion Amanda De Cesare is still alive with 35,800.

Day 1b action will be kicking off at a belated 2:15pm tomorrow due to the Good Friday closure of the Crown Casino, but make sure to log back onto PokerNetwork Live Reporting to catch all the action!

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Ali Khalil Wins JHDSS High Stakes Holdem Ali Khalil Wins JHDSS High Stakes Holdem

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