Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Kicks Off With Lockout

Posted at 14:01 2009-03-09
The clouds parted and the sun shone through on a Melbourne Sunday to see the first card skim across the felt to kick off the second annual Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series!
There was much anticipation for this series and the people responded with a sell-out capped field of 500 for Event 1: $230 No Limit Holdem, with close to 50 people being turned away around half an hour before the starting time.  Andrew “Adgee” Jeffreys, Steve Topakas, Peter Aristidou, Trung Tran, Andrew Scott and ANZPT Adelaide champ Karl Krautschneider were just a handful of notables to play and fall before the money was reached.
Michael Chrisanthopolous would lose the majority of his chips when his pocket aces were all in against an opponent’s pocket jacks. Quads would fall with a jack on both the flop and river to see Chrisanthopolous crippled and then eventually eliminated early on. Peter Aristidou would miss out on a huge triple-up when he folded facing two all ins ahead of him, and consequently found himself in trouble when his eights were unable to improve against an opponent’s aces to see him fall to the rail.
Players enjoyed the 10,000 chip start bank, but with 25-minute levels, play still moved quickly as blinds and antes slowly caught up on the five million chips that were in play as we approached the bubble of 51st place, and players attempting to record their first cash of the series.
Following such great starts Andrew Jeffreys, Trung Tran, Michael Bancroft and James Bernard were unable to continue their chip accumulation eventually falling short. Locals Koun Chhoy (47th) and Ali Chaddoud (46th) snuck into money collecting $400 for their efforts while Brett Oliver (36th) and Raemin Alexander (34th) would make the next pay jump to take home $600.
Billy Seri (25th), Richie Vandenberg (23rd) and Tim Clifford (21st) would all pocket $800 but it would be Crown regular Haki "Rocky” Sejinovski falling short of the final table placing in 12th for $1,000 as the final table would form following Trevor Wollard’s final table bubble in 11th place.
Late into the evening, the dust had settled and Matt Saphire emerged victorious over local Brian Hull to capture the first prize of $20,000 and JHDSS Event 1 trophy! Congratulations!
Final Table Results:

Matt Saphire
Brian Hull
Nick Haviaridis
Alexander Azar
John Omond
Tuan Hoang
Tim Clarke
John Prochilo
Senetenari Tua
Joe Papillo

Tomorrow is Event #2: $230 Limit Hold'em with a similar structure to the opening event it should once again draw a good turnout. The 7pm start time will send players well into the early hours before a champion is crowned. Stay tuned to PokerNetwork for all of the updates from the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series from Melbourne’s Crown Casino.


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Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series 2 Underway! Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series 2 Underway!

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