Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event Underway

Posted at 00:49 2009-11-21
The opening day of the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event saw 219 players eagerly take to the felt last night for an event that featured a world-class tournament structure for just the price of eleven pineapples.
Some of the names who took to the felt included PokerStars Team Australia Pro Tony Hachem, The Poker Star contestant Sally Snow, Trung Tran, Dave Lee, David Zhao, Jim Sachinidis, and inaugural JHDSS champ Luke Santo.
95 players survived the day with Naz Sibaei claiming the chip lead.
Day 1a Chip Leaders
Naz Sibaei 132,700
Matthew Thorpe 120,500
James Spiteri 119,800
Kahle Burns 117,600
Shosiro Karita 92,700
Jeff Sorkis 91,500
Xin Zhao 91,400
George Palavos 85,900
Daren Yoon 78,700
David Lee 77,500
Friday may be the end of the working week for some, but today was just the beginning for those taking to the felt for Day 1b of the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event.
203 players took their seats as a star-studded field greeted them. Joe Hachem, Emad Tahtouh, Jamie Pickering, Peter Aristidou, Charles Chua, Ben Savage, Karl Krautschneider, Dom and Angie Italiano, Mat Hawker, Andrew ‘Adgee’ Jeffreys and Benn ‘risk2Dupside’ Skender were just a few of the notables.
The feature table would be appropriately stacked for the railbirds with Aristidou, Tahtouh and Krautschneider being joined by Jie Gao, Billy Seri and Heath ‘TassieDevil’ Chick. Unfortunately for Aristidou, he would take an early walk to the cash games when his top two-pair went down to Seri’s straight and flush-draw.
Ivan Sop made a return to Crown after a long break, but an early misstep holding Queens to an opponent’s Ace-King would see him also on the rail. As the original field was slowly cut down over the eight levels, the counts were dominated by strong tournament players as Hachem, Tahtouh, Jeffreys and Skender fell to the rail.
The Poker Star contestants in Amanda De Cesare (49,400) and Chris Eva (20,800) managed to bag their chips along with Hawker (56,900), Krautschneider (43,300) and Savage (27,700) as play closed for the 98 players with the following players bagging the most chips for flight two.
Day 1b Chip Leaders
Karsten Kobbing – 127,500
Carole Kairouz – 125,700
Stewart Allen – 120,900
Charles Chua – 97,000
Frank freskos – 95,000
Matthew Geier – 78,100
Heath Chick – 77,700
Brad Luke – 77,100
Jamie Pickering – 75,300
Kris Nedanovski – 74,700
With tomorrow’s flight being open to both new players and those that have been eliminated, the 193 players already with a seat on Sunday will most likely be joined by close to another 100-players as the prizepool pushes the $300,000 mark.

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Great fields turn out for the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event Great fields turn out for the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event

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