Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Returns!

Posted at 15:38 2009-03-02
Thirteen months on and Jonno Pittock and the Crown Poker Room have revamped the schedule and improved the structures to see the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series return for its second series.
Fifteen affordable events ranging from $165 to $2,700 stretch over a two-week period where local players get their chance at glory and triumph in the best value deep stack tournaments the Australian poker community has ever seen.
Several new additions to the schedule include the $550 Teams Event, $1,100 No Limit Hold’em Six-Handed and the $2,700 High Stakes Hold’em along with four other separate Hold’em events. However the events that remain from last year have all been improved to suit the tournament poker enthusiast who loves a slow structure that rewards skill.
The majority of the buy-ins for the Hold’em events have increased; but the structures haven’t suffered. Starting stacks have increased with all events beginning at a minimum of a 10,000-chip start bank, with the HORSE and Shorthanded Shootout increasing by 5,000 and 10,000 respectively.  Along with a slower progression of antes, a few levels have been inserted into the middle stages of most structures which is sure to please players.
The buy-in for the No Limit Hold’em Turbo event has been reduced from last year to $240, but still follows the same structure to give great value for money. However it is Event 10: $340 Pot Limit Holdem / Omaha that has improved the most with an increased buy-in (that still suits the budget-conscious) along with an increased starting stack and slower structure; most evident in the later levels.
The $550 Main Event will closely match last year’s structure where Luke Santo walked away with $66,773 in prizemoney, apart from the alteration to it being a repechage event; whereby players that are knocked out on either flight one or two have the opportunity to buy back in on flight three.
Here’s the full Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series 2 schedule:
Sunday 8th March
10:10am - $230 No Limit Holdem (500 player cap)
Monday 9th March
7:10pm - $230 Limit Holdem
Tuesday 10th March
7.10pm - $230 Pot Limit Omaha (second chance format)
Wednesday 11th March
7:10pm - $230 Turbo No Limit Holdem (350 player cap)
Thursday 12th March
12:10pm - $165 PokerPro No Limit Holdem (90 player cap)
7:10pm - $340 No Limit Holdem Terminator
Friday 13th March
12:10pm – $340 No Limit Holdem Day 1 (flight 1)
Saturday 14th March
12:10pm – $340 No Limit Holdem Day 1 (flight 2)
Sunday 15th March
12:10pm – Main Event Day 2
7:10pm - $550 H.O.R.S.E
Monday 16th March
12:10pm - $1,100 No Limit Holdem Six-Handed
7:10pm - $340 Pot Limit Holdem/Omaha
Tuesday 17th March
12:10pm - $1,100 Pot Limit Omaha (1 optional rebuy)
7:10pm – $550 No Limit Holdem Teams Event
Wednesday 18th March
12:10pm – $1,650 Joe Hachem Shorthanded Shootout
Thursday 19th March
12:10pm - $2,700 High Stakes Holdem
7:10pm - $550 Main Event Day 1 (flight 1)
Friday 20th March
12:10pm - $550 Main Event Day 1 (flight 2)
Saturday 21st March
12:10pm - $550 Main Event Day 1 (repechage)
Sunday 22nd March
12:10pm – Main Event Day 2
Monday 23rd March
12:10pm – Main Event Final Table
Click here to download the JHDSS Structures
With the likes of Jonathan Karamalikis, Grant Levy and Michael Pedley heading the interstate brigade it won’t just be a battle of the locals as the cream of the crop of Australian poker players will be verging on Melbourne.
Your chance at catching that lucky break and being crowned a champion await at the turn of a card from the 8th to the 23rd of March in the Crown Poker Room, with all the live updates being brought to you by the PokerNetwork team!

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Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Returns! Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Returns!

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