Joe Hachem Deepstacked Series

Posted at 09:00 2008-02-09

Joe Hachem Deep Stacked Series

Day 1 The inaugural Joe Hachem Deep Stacked series kicked off today in sensational style with Event #1: $180 No Limit Holdem. A sell out field of 400 players took to the felt creating a tremendous prize pool for such a small buy in event. The players enjoyed the generous structures and 6,000 chip start bank but at the end of the evening it was the 4-5 offsuit of Steve Topakas that was too good for Marco Gutierrez to take down the opening event of the series and capture the $12,000 first place prize. Congratulations Steve and all of the prize winners. The final table results were as follows: 1st - Steve Topakas - $12,000 2nd - Marco Gutierrez - $8,400 3rd - Carl Morton - $6,600 4th - Hadeer Maroky - $5,100 5th - William Yih - $3,900 6th - Kevin Khouiss - $3,300 7th - Kai Wanders - $2,700 8th - Aswanth Kamepalli - $2,100 9th - Mark Cesaria - $1,500 10th - Timothy Horan - $900 Event #2 is already sold out so another full field will create plenty of excitement in the Crown Poker Room as the great value of the Joe Hachem Deep Stacked Series continues! Day 2 The second day of the Joe Hachem Deep Stacked Series saw another capacity field of 400 players hit the felt nice and early on a Sunday morning for Event #2: $240 No Limit Holdem. Together they produced a prize pool of $80,000 which is tremendous for such a small buy in event. Armed with a 10,000 chip start bank and 30 minute levels, the players were preparing for a long day of poker. However even with deep stacks, if pocket kings run into pocket aces then there is usually trouble as the player eliminated on the first hand of the day discovered! As the day progressed the field thinned until the final table saw Michael Beshir take control to capture the trophy and the $16,000 first place prize with his pocket aces winning the final hand of the tournament. The final table results were as follows: 1st - Michael Beshir - $16,000 2nd - Glen Marshall - $11,200 3rd - Daniel Botta - $8,800 4th - James Houlis - $6,800 5th - Ken Eastwood - $5,200 6th - Michael Marcos - $4,400 7th - Matthew Theochari - $3,600 8th - Brett Oliver - $2,800 9th - Shaun Williams - $2,000 10th - Brian Sellars - $1,200 Tomorrow it’s time for the Omaha players to have some fun with the $240 Pot Limit Omaha event. It will be interesting to see how many entries will be taken, but this series is proving to be a huge hit with local players, so we should probably expect another large field. Day 3 178 players came together in the Crown Poker Room on Day 3 of the Joe Hachem Deep Stacked Series for a 7pm start in Event #3: $240 Pot Limit Omaha. The event used a ‘Second Chance Format’ where players started with 5,000 in chips but were allowed one free rebuy of an additional 5,000 chips at anytime during the first three 20 minute levels. Once everyone had used up their second chance, the levels were a more generous 30 minutes and the players started to slowly drop away. With the deep stacked structure, play went well into the early hours of the morning with the original plan to play down to a final table. The remaining players will return at 4pm tomorrow to fight it out for the title and the first place prize! Also tomorrow we should see a quality line up take to the felt for the $550 HORSE Event which kicks off at 7pm. Day 4 The final table of Event #3: $240 Pot Limit Omaha took place today at 4pm with Paul Georgiou coming through in the end to win the $7,120 first place prize! Final Table Results: 1st - Paul Georgiou - $7,120 2nd - Jim Sachinidis - $5,696 3rd - Shoshiro Karita - $4,272 4th - Adian Hung - $3,382 5th - Phillip Boulton - $2,848 6th - John Madaffari - $2,314 7th - Craig Waters - $1,958 8th - Richard Kruk - $1,602 9th - Terry Kapnoulas - $1,246 10th - Ulfgeir Hansen - $890 Today was also the first day in Event #4: $550 HORSE which saw a quality field of 71 players battle it out in a game that requires skill in many different facets of poker. The field included the likes of WSOP Champion Joe Hachem, Eric Assadourian, Graeme Putt, Leo Boxell, Peter Aristidou, and of course the winner of the two previous HORSE events at Crown, Billy “The Croc” Argyros. Play was slow early with the 10,000 start bank and limit structure giving players plenty of time to settle in. The game rotated every eight hands, and with each passing of the dealer button, the players started to open up their games. Eliminations were slow with Joe Hachem an early casualty thanks to Angie Italiano. By around midnight there were still approximately 45 players remaining, with play scheduled to go through until we have a final table, so we could be in for a long evening! The final eight players will all be in the money and will return tomorrow to battle it out for the title. Day 5 Day 5 was a very busy one in the Crown Poker Room with three different events held across the room on the same day. At 10am we saw 86 eager players hit the felt in the Event #5: $175 Pot Limit Holdem/Omaha. Players were given a 6,000 chip start bank and play rotated between the two games every level. Players fell away at regular intervals until we found ourselves a final table with Jason White taking down the $4,515 first place prize. Here are the final table results: 1st - Jason White - $4,515 2nd - Vlatko Veljanoski - $2,580 3rd - Tim Guerin - $1,548 4th - Shaun Gray - $1,290 5th - Andrew Demetriou - $1,032 6th - Matthew Cathcart - $774 7th - Duncan McKinnon - $516 8th - Marcellan Conte - $387 9th - Mark Borg - $258 At 4pm we saw the remaining eight players return for the final table of Event #4: $550 HORSE. After a long evening the night before, the eight players fought a fierce battle with PNW Player of The Month for December, Peter Aristidou eventually coming out on top: 1st - Peter Aristidou - $10,650 2nd - Michael Saliba - $7,455 3rd - Ivan Sop - $5,325 4th - Abel Cabrera - $3,905 5th - Jenny Son - $2,840 6th - Andrew Mills - $2,130 7th - Mark Furness - $1,775 8th - Linda Bennett - $1,420 Finally at 7pm we had Event #6: $2,500 Joe Hachem Short Handed NLHE. 83 players came together for the shootout format with the top two players from each table carrying their chips through to the next round. At the end of the evening, 24 players remained including Michael Tomeny, Martin Comer, Graeme Putt, Emanuel Seal and Aussie Millions Main Event 3rd place finisher Michael Chrisanthopoulos. They will return tomorrow to battle it out until we find ourselves a winner! Day 6 Today we saw the final 24 players return to the Crown Poker Room for Event #6: $2,500 Joe Hachem Short Handed NLHE. The shootout format saw 24 players become 12 who had all made the cash stage of the event. This was then reduced to a final table of 6 which included the likes of Graeme Putt and Manny Stavropoulos. However it was Ray Sukkar who eventually overcame the quality field to take down a healthy first place prize of $50,588. Congratulations Ray! Here are the final table results: 1st - Ray Sukkar - $50,588 2nd - Manny Stavropoulos - $36,271 3rd - Nathan Snow - $26,726 4th - Graeme Putt - $20,999 5th - Bruno Portaro - $15,272 6th - Karim Jomeen - $10,690 At 7pm 250 eager players came together for Event #7: $340 No Limit Holdem Turbo Event. With 10k starting stacks you would expect players to take their time, but instead there was plenty of action as players appeared to look to either double up or go home early! This large field meant that it was announced that the event would become a two-day event with play continuing until the final 30 players or 3am, whichever came first, with the event scheduled to conclude tomorrow at 4pm. Day 7 Today we welcomed the commencement of the Joe Hachem Deep Stacked Series Main Event with a fantastic turnout of 301 entrants paying the $550 entry fee on Day 1a. Tony “LuckyTonyD” Dunst won some big races late in the day with his AK overcoming QQ and then his JJ defeating his opponent’s AK, to give him the chip lead at the end of today’s play. 90 players progressed through to Day 2 including Selina Lin, Michael “Sticky” Guttman, Jamie Pickering, James Honeybone, Andrew Demetriou, Ivan Sop, Dennis Huntly and Emmanuel Seal. They will return on Sunday while a fresh field of starters will hit the felt tomorrow for Day 1b. Also today we saw the conclusion of Event #7: $340 No Limit Holdem Turbo. The final thirty players all made the cash and featured some tough oppositions including the likes of Leo Boxell, Tony Hachem and Mick Stanton. However it was Sydney player Helen Davis who came through the field to collect the $15,000 first place prize! Congratulations Helen! Final table results: 1st - Helen Davis - $15,000 2nd - Saman Ishaki - $10,500 3rd - Matt O'Meara - $7,875 4th - Anthony Boskovitz - $6,375 5th - Tim Guerin - $5,250 6th - Rim Sho - $4,500 7th - James Houlis - $3,750 8th - William Skountzos - $3,000 9th - Michael Mervanek - $2,250 10th - Darren Chan - $1,500 Day 8 Another 324 players visited the Crown Poker Room on a warm Saturday afternoon for Day 1b of the Joe Hachem Deep Stacked Series Main Event, bringing the total entrants for the event to a fantastic 625 players. The top sixty players will be rewarded for their efforts with first place paying a handsome $66k! 120 players survived the day and included the likes of James Potter, David Gorr, Sarah Bilney, Robert Wang, Graeme Putt, Billy Sukkar, Jai Kemp and Poker Network’s own Shane Beckham. These players will join the other surviving players from Day 1a for tomorrow’s final day of the Joe Hachem Deep Stacked Series. The 21 remaining tables will battle it down until a final table is decided and the winner of the Main Event is crowned! Day 9 The surviving players from the two Day 1 flights came together for the final day of the Joe Hachem Deep Stacked Series. Tony Dunst was the one to catch as he held the lead with in excess of 200k chips, but as players started to drop away Dunst continued to win big pots to extend his lead over the field. The bubble burst with the top sixty players receiving at least their money back. The flat payout structure meant the eliminations came fairly quickly and players in the middle payout brackets left pretty satisfied. Dunst busted out in 47th place after making a move with JdTd and running into the pocket aces of his opponent. Celina Lin fared slightly better finishing 30th place, while James Honeybone and Ivan Sop also finished in the same pay bracket in 28th and 27th place respectively. Poker Network’s Shane Beckham put in another strong showing today, eventually busting out in 14th place. Vic Thorton, Ross Parkhill and Khac Trung Tran held most of the chips as we approached the final table but in the end it was local Melbourne player Luke Santo who overcame Parkhill in a heads up battle. Santo’s KQo was good to win the final hand to capture the inaugural Joe Hachem Deep Stacked Series Main Event trophy and the first place prize of $66,773. Final table results: 1st - Luke Santo - $66,773 2nd - Ross Parkhill - $42,980 3rd - Victor Thorton - $32,235 4th - Denis Griffiths - $24,560 5th - Khac Trung Tran - $19,955 6th - Henry Taikulswat - $15,350 7th - Nick Prossimo - $12,280 8th - Carlos Zalapa - $9,210 9th - Gary Cleaver - $6,140 10th - Danny Ayob - $3,838 Congratulations to Luke and all of the prize winners. A big thank you to Jonno Pittock and all of the Crown Poker room staff for a phenomenal series that provided tremendous game time for players of all budgets. Well done to the players who supported this series and made it a success to ensure it has a permanent place on the Australian poker calendar for years to come!

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