Join the Card Rush at Party Poker in April

Posted at 06:45 2011-04-09

Once again, Party Poker has decided to bring back their extremely popular Card Rush promotion. Card Rush will offer $1.8 million prizes to players throughout April, and the prizes could be anything from a $20,000 freeroll entry to a $5,000 cash prize!

To get started, all you need to do is play real money games at Party Poker and earn 5 Party Points. Your first prize is unlocked at 5 points, and you’ll earn a prize thereafter every time you earn 15 Party Points. You can receive up to 50 prizes a day, and you have until the end of April to earn prizes, or until the $1.8 million prizes are gone.

Here are the different freeroll entries and cash prizes you can earn in Card Rush:

Cash Prizes            Freerolls                                 

$5,000                     $20,000 Card Rush Freeroll     

$250                        $15,000 Card Rush Freeroll  

$50                          $10,000 Card Rush Freeroll

$10                          $7,500 Card Rush Freeroll

$5                            $5,000 Card Rush Freeroll

$3                            $3,000 Card Rush Freeroll

$2                            $2,000 Card Rush Freeroll


Aside from the big freeroll entries and cash prizes, you can also earn both Party Points and Card Rush Race Points in your prizes. The top Party Points prize available is worth 25,000 points, while the Card Rush Race Points put you in the running for cash prizes that will be given out to the top Card Rush leaderboard players. Here is how much cash each finisher in the Card Rush Race will receive.

Rank              Cash Prize
1                     $9,000
2                     $7,000
3                     $5,250
4                     $4,000
5                     $3,500
6                     $3,000
7                    $2,500
8                     $2,000
9                     $1,500
10                   $1,000
11-18             $800
19-30             $700
31-45             $600
46-60             $500
61-75             $400
76-100           $300
101-125         $200
126-150         $150
151-200         $100

Hot spots - Every 20th spot from 220 to 2,000    $50

With tons of money, freeroll entries, and lots of points prizes on the table, you should definitely get involved in the Card Rush this month. Remember new players who download Party Poker through our links are eligible for $50 free with no deposit required to get your bankroll moving in the right direction!

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The Card Rush is back at Party Poker during April The Card Rush is back at Party Poker during April

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