Jonathan Karamalikis Opens up a Huge Lead in the Australian Online Rankings

Posted at 20:25 2013-03-05

The number one ranked online poker tournament player in Australia at present, according to PocketFives, is none other than the man known affectionately as “xMONSTERxDONGx,” Mr Jonathan Karamalikis.

Karamalikis has been crushing souls at the virtual felt for as long as the game has been available online and PokerNetwork has no doubt he will continue to do so for many years to come. On February 11, Karamalikis won the $25,000 Guaranteed on Full Tilt Poker for just shy of $8,000. Then on Valentine’s Day he showed no love at all to his fellow poker players when he won the $215 Turbo 2x Chance on PokerStars for an additional $7,700.

But Karamalikis’ largest score of late topped the scales at $27,331 which he was awarded for his third place finish in the Feb. 17 edition of the Sunday 2nd Chance on PokerStars. In addition to the money, Karamalikis also picked up 86.07 ranking points and these have helped him climb to 12th in the entire world.

Matt “mwj006” Wakeman is the man who is Karamalikis’ nearest rival in the Australian rankings and if he keeps up his form from February he stands a chance of catching him. Back-to-back Super Tuesday final tables boosted both Wakeman’s poker bankroll and points tally, as did his runner-up finish in the $25,000 Guaranteed on PartyPoker – that last result bagging Wakeman $4,111. Wakeman also won the $255 buy-in tournament on the OnGame Network, which resulted in a $18,981.48 windfall.

Andrew “FUZZBUNGLE” Hinrichsen has got March off to an electric start by winnin the $33+R $12,000 guaranteed on PokerStars for $4,018 and following that up with a third place finish in the $215 Turbo $30,000 guaranteed also on PokerStars, that last result being worth $6,402.

1Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis6438.43
2Matt “mjw006” Wakeman5780.05
3Michael “WaGe N WaRz” Federsen5260.16
4Nurlan “Nur1ck” Boobekov5174.61
5Alex “krasark” Givotovsky4590.75
6Tom “tollgate” Grigg4400.65
7Andrew “FUZZBUNGLE” Hinrichsen4382.07
8James “supanova99” Bills4320.57
9Matt “brownie682” Brown4305.42
10Stevan “random.chu” Chew4295.21

Data from PocketFives.com was used in creating this article.

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Jonathan Karamalikis Jonathan Karamalikis

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