Julian Cohen Wins ANZPT Queenstown!

Posted at 21:39 2010-07-25

The fourth and final day of the PokerStars.net ANZPT Queenstown  Main Event saw 15 players enter the fray of the SKYCITY Queenstown Casino but in the end it was Julian “Intimid8or32” Cohen who emerged triumphant to collect the coveted ANZPT title and NZ$73,630 in prize money.

It was always going to be a tough day with a stellar lineup returning to battle it out, led by overnight chip leader Vesko Zmukic and the likes of Michael Spilkin, Andrew Scarf, Andrew Watson, ANZPT Canberra champion Jason Gray and Team PokerStars Asia Pro Bryan Huang all lurking in the final fifteen.

Vesko Zmukic increased his advantage by winning a preflop race to eliminate Scarf in 15th place on just the second hand of the day, while Jie Gao was unfortunate to fall in 12th after being crippled when his pocket aces where cracked by Tim Clarke’s pocket kings when a king spiked on the turn.

Campbell Melville provided some moments of grief for Cohen when he flopped trip jacks holding {Jh}{tc} to crack Cohen’s pocket kings. However Cohen got his revenge moments later when he held pocket aces against Melville’s {as}{2d} as the board bricked out to eliminate Melville in 11th place.

Tim Macbeth departed in 10th place as the final table of nine was formed with Vesko Zmukic still out in front.

ANZPT Queenstown final table
Photo courtesy of PokerStars Blog

Jason Gray was on the short stack, but it was Singaporean Bryan Huang who was first to bust from the final table when he moved all in with {Kh}{qc} and was called by Andrew Watson’s {Ad}{Th}. Two more aces on the flop were more than enough to send Huang to the rail in 9th place for NZ$8,030.

Michael Spilkin surged after cracking the aces of Zmukic before taking care of John Maklouf in 8th place. Maklouf became the first player to reach three consecutive ANZPT final tables but his run ended when he moved all in with {Ah}{Kd} on a board of {qc}{Qs}{9h}{kh}. Spilkin snap-called with {As}{Qd} and the river bricked the {7c}. Maklouf collected NZ$10,040 for his 8th place.

Jason Gray couldn’t make it back-to-back titles after he battled with his short stack to eventually fall in 7th place. He literally coin-flipped for his tournament, after Julian Cohen pulled a coin out to make his decision to call Gray’s preflop shove. Gray called heads, but the coin came up tails, and Gray lost his second flip when his pocket eights were overtaken by Cohen’s {Qh}{Th} when a queen spiked the flop. Gray picked up NZ$12,720 for another fine tournament.

The last Kiwi standing was Emerson Rewi who finally lost the battle with his short stack to bluff his way out the door in 6th place for NZ$15,400 in prize money. He was soon followed by Tim Clarke who moved all in from the small blind with pocket deuces as Michael Spilkin made the call with {Ah}{7s}. Spilkin paired his seven on the flop to leave Clarke with NZ$18,740 for his 5th place.

At this point Julian Cohen was on the short stack but he managed to stay alive, finding double ups in the right places, as Michael Spilkin was the aggressor at the table following a brief dinner break. Ultimately his aggression was his undoing as he fired three barrels on a board of {2c}{9h}{9d}{Jh}{3d}. On the river Andrew Watson raised all-in and Spilkin made a pot-committed call with {As}{2d}. Watson showed {tc}{9s} for trips to take it down and eliminate Spilkin in 4th place for NZ$22,760.

Watson started to pull away as the Vesko Zmukic slipped back as he seemed to want to avoid taking any big races. In the end, he was left with no choice as he moved all in with {Kh}{th} against Andrew Watson’s {6h}{6s}. A third six in the window was enough to end Zmukic’s tournament in 3rd place for NZ$27,440.

Watson started with around a 3:1 chip advantage over Cohen, but with 30BB effective stacks, there was plenty of room to play and it didn’t take long for Cohen to even the ledger when his {Ac}{9c} made a full house against Watson’s pocket sixes.

When Cohen made a Broadway straight shortly after, Watson was reeling and the final hand was soon dealt. Watson opened by moving all in on the button with {Kh}{Td} and Cohen snap-called with a dominant {ad}{tc}.  The board fell {4s}{Jc}{4h}{7c}{9s} to end the great run of Andrew Watson in 2nd place for NZ$46,860 as Julian Cohen is the newest ANZPT champion!

Julian Cohen
Photo courtesy of PokerStars Blog

Final Results
1. Julian Cohen - PokerStars Qualifier - $73,630
2. Andrew Watson - PokerStars Player - $46,860
3. Vesko Zmukic - $27,440
4. Michael Spilkin - $22,760
5. Tim Clarke - PokerStars Player - $18,740
6. Emerson Rewi - $15,400
7. Jason Gray - $12,720
8. John Maklouf - PokerStars Qualifier - $10,040
9. Bryan Huang - Team PokerStars Pro (Asia) - $8,030
10. Tim Macbeth - $6,020
11. Campbell Melville - PokerStars Qualifier - $6,020
12. Jie Gao - PokerStars Qualifier - $6,020
13. Robert Wang - $4,690
14. Serge Mazza - $4,690
15. Andrew Scarf - $4,690

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Julian Cohen Wins ANZPT Queenstown! Julian Cohen Wins ANZPT Queenstown!

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