Kanaan Leads ANZPT Sydney Final Table

Posted at 11:07 2011-04-17

49 players returned to the Star City Casino and by the end of the day they were reduced to just the final nine on day three of the 2011 ANZPT Sydney Main Event. Four unlucky players went home empty-handed, but they didn’t fall over easily as hand-for-hand play on the bubble extended almost two hours.

Jymmi Briggs hit a two-hour to survive which meant that Peter Mathias was left to blind out and become the bubble boy as the top 45 players were guaranteed a $3,537 payday.

Once the bubble burst, the eliminations came thick and fast as the short stacks looked to double up or die trying. Jimmy Wong (44th), Jarod Shawcross (42nd), Graeme Putt (36th), Michael O'Grady (35th), Jymmi Briggs (32nd), Todor Kondevski (28th), Sebastian Pagana (24th), Oliver Grujic (22nd) and George Cotaidis (18th) were just some of the notable eliminations with Putt, Pagana and Grujic all securing their second ANZPT cash of the season.

However it was Jesse McKenzie’s run that caught attention as he followed up from his ANZPT Adelaide runner-up finish to secure 16th place in Sydney which grabs him enough bonus points to take the lead in the ANZ Player of the Year race.

While the player s dropped away it was Andy Lee, Alex Lee and Michael Kanaan who were moving through the field as the first to crack the one million chip mark.

Jay Kinkade and Mike Stecker managed to survive with short stacks, however overnight chip leader Josh Barrett was unable to make it through to the final table as he squeezed with pocket fives but ran into pocket kings to be eliminated on the final table bubble in 10th place.

Final Table Lineup

Seat 1: Mike Stecker (United States) (PokerStars Qualifier) - 320,000
Seat 2: AJ Bertenshaw (New Zealand) (PokerStars Qualifier) - 605,000
Seat 3: Abbas (John) Karroobee (Australia) - 356,000
Seat 4: Hun Wei (Andy) Lee (Australia) - 1,321,000
Seat 5: Alex Lee (Australia) - 1,443,000
Seat 6: Jay Kinkade (Australia) (PokerStars Qualifier) - 336,000
Seat 7: Michael Kanaan (Australia) - 1,712,000
Seat 8: Stevan Chew (Australia) (PokerStars Qualifier) - 610,000
Seat 9: Luis Arrilucea (Australia) - 1,327,000

The final table will recommence at 12:30pm with live updates throughout the day on the PokerStars Blog.

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Michael Kanaan will take the chip lead into the ANZPT Sydney final table Michael Kanaan will take the chip lead into the ANZPT Sydney final table

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