Karamalikis Wins Joe Hachem Shorthanded Shootout!

Posted at 01:47 2009-03-19
It was Day 10 of the Joe Hachem Deep Stacked series and the Crown Poker Room was buzzing with anticipation. It was the first day that the PokerNetwork Live Reporting team were on the floor and with the best of Australia’s poker talent in the room you couldn’t help but be excited at what the day would bring.
Players had arrived in town for Event #13 of the series, the $1,650 Joe Hachem Shorthanded Shootout and 60 of the best took to the felt. Some tables started seven-handed while some got away with six-handed play as the top two from each table would progress through until round two.
While players enjoyed a generous 25,000 start bank, the 20 minute levels were always going to put pressure on the players to keep moving chips. Sam Khouiss didn’t have any problems moving chips as he moved all in on a monotone baby flop with pocket jacks but Emanuel Seal had flopped the flush to send Khouiss to an early exit. He was quickly joined on the rail by Michael Guttman and everyone’s favourite toothpick, Antonis Kambouroglou, as the action was thick and fast.
Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis emerged as an early chip leader, a position he would hold for most of the day, after eliminating Kambouroglou and then the tournament’s name-sake 2005 World Champion Joe Hachem. On a board of {Ah}{Kh}{Tc}{Ad} Hachem committed with {Ac}{5c} but found himself out-kicked by Karamalikis’ {As}{Qd}. The {jh} on the river didn’t improve Hachem and he was eliminated.
Aleks Brkovic, Sam Korman, Ali Khalil, Lee Nelson and Billy Argyros progressed well and found their way into round two while young guns James Obst, Jarred Graham and Dean Nyberg were amongst the round one casualties. Grant Levy fell just short of round two after busting in unfortunate circumstances with his {As}{3s} being out-flopped by Andrew Jeffreys’ ambitious {8s}{4s}.
In round two action, three tables and 18 players remained with only six to make the final table and the money. Ali Khalil was amongst the first to fall after running into the heater of Tino Lechich, quickly followed by a two-outer by Lee Nelson to send the “Peppermint Hippo” off to the Blackjack tables. He was soon joined by Graeme Putt as his pocket queens were cracked by another Andrew Jeffreys special. Jeffreys would continue to push the action and booked himself a final table berth alongside Chris Chronis.
A costly misread by PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson sent him crashing out of the tournament after he thought he’d turned the nut flush, only to discover his ace in the hole was a club and not a spade. Karamalikis was the benefactor as his pocket jacks scooped the pot to send him on his way to the final table. As Karamalikis continued to accumulate, Daniel Neilson fell to Manny Stavropolous as he claimed the other seat from the feature table.
Meanwhile Sam Korman was on a rush on his own table, claiming the scalps of Jamie Pickering, Billy Argyros and Emad Tahtouh. He found his way to the final table with a healthy chip stack as Bill Jordanou finished off Aleks Brkovic to book the last seat in the final.
Jonathan Karamalikis entered the final table with the chip lead and never looked back. His first victim at the final table was Andrew Jeffreys. On a flop of {4c}{9h}{6h} Jeffreys made a move at the pot with {as}{Jd} but Karamalikis made the call with {jc}{9c} for top pair. No help on the turn or river left Jeffreys to depart in 6th place for $3,600.
Chris Chronis was next to go after he committed preflop with {9s}{8c} with Karamalikis looking him up with {Kc}{Qh} . A king in the window was enough to eliminate the fashion guru in 5th place, collecting $6,300.
The giant-killing run of Sam Korman came to an end when he raised preflop and was pot-committed to call the shove from Karamalikis. Korman tabled {Qh}{Th} for two live cards against Karamalikis’ {Ad}{Kd}. The board fell {Ks}{7h}{2d}{Ts}{Kc} to give Karamalikis trips and the pot to eliminate Korman in 4th place. The Colonel takes home $9,900 for a fine tournament.
Bill Jordanou and Manny Stavropolous were fighting hard as the short stacks but eventually they had to make a stand.  Stavropolous chose the {Kc}{4s} but was trailing the {ah}{8s} of Karamalikis. The board landed in favour of Karamalikis, with an ace of the flop ending the run of Stavropolous in 3rd place for a pay day of $15,300.
After a scare heads-up where Jordanou doubled through on multiple occasions, Karamalikis eventually got the better of his opponent when his {Tc}{5h} hit good against a short-stacked Jordanou holding {ac}{Qc} when the board was spread {ts}{Js}{3h}{7c}{Td} to give the online young gun his first live title and $32,000 in prize money.
A totally dominant performance by Karamalikis today, as he jumped to an early chip lead and never surrendered it. He personally eliminated all five opponents on the final table and has confirmed himself as a poker superstar of the future.
1st Jonathan 'xMONSTERxDONGx' Karamalikis - $32,400
2nd Bill Jordanou - $22,500
3rd Manny Stavropoulos - $15,300
4th Sam Korman - $9,900
5th Chris Chronis - $6,300
6th Andrew 'Adgee' Jeffreys - $3,600
Day 11 of the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series will be a busy one. The high rollers will be on the floor again from 12:10pm for the $2,700 High Rollers Event, while the first flight of the Main Event will take to the felt from 7:10pm. Stay locked into PokerNetwork as our Live Reporting team cover all the action, live as it happens from the tournament floor of the Crown Poker Room.


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Victory For xMONSTERxDONGx! Victory For xMONSTERxDONGx!

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