Kelvin "aces_up4180" Beattie Claims Fourth Aussie WCOOP Win

Posted at 23:15 2010-09-27

2010 is further solidifying itself as the year of the Aussie with yet another World Championship of Online Poker bracelet win. This time the win came from Kelvin ‘aces_up4180’ Beattie who took home the gold and a big score to go with it.

The event was the 57th of this year’s WCOOP and it was one of the last chances for punters to seal a victory before the Main Event unleashed itself.

The tournament in question was the high action, fast paced No Limit Omaha High/Low turbo tourney, with 1,167 each dishing out $215. The turbo nature of the tournament would see a lot of gambling but with a $40,000+ first prize, it would be a toughly contested field.

The field would boast the who’s-who of online grinders and of course a long list of Team PokerStars Pros, including David Williams, Chad Brown, Chris Moneymaker and Australia’s very own Joe Hachem, but it would be a different Aussie, in Beattie, that would have us cheering “Oi, Oi, Oi.”

When the dinner break rolled around there were 10 players remaining and with the final table bubble looming the players had 15 minutes to re-group and decide on the correct bubble strategy.

The last hand before the final table, managed to see a three-player all-in showdown, with two players sent to the rail. Then there were eight.

The final table was a relatively even playing field, chip-stack wise, with only Bigbabb25 sitting with a monster seven-figure stack. However, with the blinds not getting any slower, it would be fast play and a lot of action at the final table.

It would not take long for the table to dwindle down to five. Beattie would sit third in chips, holding 993,607, before get crunk decided to push all-in pre flop with the blinds at 17.5K/35K. Beattie made the call and his opponent had him covered, putting the Aussie at risk. Beattie held the low-wrap hand {5h}{ad}{3c}{2h} against his opponent’s {kc}{5c}{as}{kd}. The board ran out {6c}{ac}{7s}{4d}{6s} and Beattie took down both sides of the pot with a straight and the nut low. Now short-stacked, get crunk would hit the rail just a few hands later.

With the blinds of the turbo tournament ever increasing, heads-up play was just around the corner, with Kelvin ‘aces_up4180’ Beattie making it through to find himself up against the original final table chip-leader Bigbabb25.

A deal was quickly agreed upon with Beattie taking home a guaranteed $32,833, just a touch more than his opponent’s $32,269 with $4,000 left for the eventual champ.

Shortly after heads-up play began, a flop of {4s}{6d}{qd} would see all the chips go in the middle with Bigbabb25 having the Aussie covered. Beattie turned over {3d}{6h}{2c}{ad} to show flopped draws to the nut-low, the nut-flush and straight re-draws. His opponent held {9h}{Th}{qc}{4c}, with no chance at the low, and praying for a queen or a four for the full house. The {5c} came on the turn and sealed up half the pot for Beattie, taking down the low half. The river came {js} missing BigBabb25, and with the turn also giving Beattie a six-high straight for the high, it was a scooped pot for the Aussie.

With the last hand crippling BigBabb25 it was only a matter of time before Beattie would seal the victory and he did just that a few hands later.

After seven and a half hours of play at one of the last events at this year’s championships, Australia would see it’s 4th WCOOP bracelet and the biggest score of Beattie’s online tourney career.

2010 WCOOP Event 57 Final Results:

1. aces_up4108 (Templestowe) *$36,833.01
2. Bigbabb25 (chattanooga) *$32,269.71
3. spondeed (Pahrump) $22,059.00
4. troyomac (Stratford) $16,161.12
5. Brett "get crunk" Richey (Нью-Йорк) $11,493.90
6. marek_heinz (Praha) $9,171.90
7. MrClkClkDirk (Oxford) $6,849.90
8. Chosimbaone (Valdez) $4,527.90
9. AlwayzOnTilt (Concord) $2,554.20

*Denotes two-way chop

With only the Main Event left to play at the 2010 WCOOP could another Australian bring home a bracelet? The event boasts a $10,000,000 guarantee and is not only the most prestigious tournaments online, but one of the biggest tournaments in the world. To get involved in the action download PokerStars and start playing.

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More Aussie success on the WCOOP virtual felt! More Aussie success on the WCOOP virtual felt!

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