Kiwis Looking To Set New World Record

Posted at 16:23 2010-09-08

Simon Watt put New Zealand in the poker spotlight earlier this year when he took down a World Series of Poker bracelet and became the man who stopped “durrrr” from taking over the world. Now New Zealand will attempt to solidify their place in the poker world with an official Guinness World Record.

As reported on http://www.pokerworldrecord.co.nz, the attempt is to have a New Zealand poker player partake in the longest continual poker session. It will not be easy; players will have to sit at the table for over 115 hours, or roughly five whole days.

If this attempt at poker endurance sounds familiar, that is because Phil Laak recently made a highly publicised attempt at breaking the record which stood at 80 hours. He was, of course, successful as he went on to trounce the record by 35 hours.

The new record attempt, which is being run by poker company NzPokerTours, is open to 80 players wishing to put their name in the record books. NZPokerTours have run many events in the Wanganui region, with registered TDA Michael Hills overseeing the action.

The format will be quite different to Laak’s attempt, with this attempt being a tournament format, with all proceeds from the tournament going to charity including Starship Children’s Hospital, Make-a-wish Foundation and Canteen (Children’s Cancer Foundation).

The tournament will start with 80 players each with a 20,000 start bank and will include unlimited rebuys. Blinds will start at 100/200 and will stay this way until the record is broken, by which time the remaining players will play it out to crown a winner with blinds rising every 15 minutes. For those who get knocked out of the tournament but wish to keep playing to attempt the record there will be rebuys which will cost a $20 donation.

With Laak holding the record by playing a $10/$20 no limit holdem cash game, the format is no doubt different, but the rules and guidelines to break the record will be much the same.

Players will only have five minutes of rest for every hour that is played, with break time being allowed to be accumulated (eg. If a player plays for four hours without a break, they will then be allowed a 20 minute break.) Breaks will be heavily regulated, with a sign-in and sign-out method of keeping track of players.

Of course no illegal stimulants of any sort are to be used and doing so would mean disqualification from the tournament. However, with no rules on how much caffeine can be consumed there is sure to be many empty coffees and Red Bull cans to be found at the tables.

The event will be held at The Grand Hotel in Wanganui in New Zealand and kicks off Monday the November 22nd at 5pm. If the record is broken then the event is scheduled to end at 12pm on Saturday the 27th.

There is no guarantee of the record being broken, but with so many players partaking in the tournament, you would hope that at least one person will get their name in the record book. There is of course the chance that by the end of November the Guinness World Record Book will be a little heavier with the addition of 80 names!

Tickets for the tournament are on sale now, with more information being available at http://www.pokerworldrecord.co.nz.

It is certainly an interesting format for this attempt and it is sure to have the poker world talking about New Zealand. Stay tuned to PokerNetwork for updates!

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Poker in New Zealand World Record Attempt Poker in New Zealand World Record Attempt

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