Koray Turker Leads Day 1b of New Zealand Poker Championships Main Event

Posted at 20:15 2010-04-16

Day 1b of the NZ$2,750 New Zealand Poker Championships Main Event got started today with another traditional performance of the haka which put fear into the hearts of the internationals that were taking part.

Today saw 37 players take to the felt – a slight increase from yesterday – with an even tougher field assembling to fight it out. Previous Champions Soren Eriksen and David Borg along with 2009 High Rollers Champion Dennis Huntly, APPT Perth Champion Tony Hachem, tournament veterans Martin Cardno, Leo Boxell and young guns Yann Pauchon and Koray Turker all were in the field.

Compared to yesterday, play started very slow apart from David Borg finding a double up within the first few minutes when his Aces held up against Tim Gray’s Kings. Gray grinded his short-stack for quite a while before hitting the rail as Michael Pedley slowly began accumulating chips mainly courtesy of some major set-flopping.

Tony Hachem started slow out of the blocks but finally got the wheels rolling until he doubled up Gary Tomes and his set of Jacks with {As}{Ts} for top pair and a flush-draw. Never really being able to recover, Hachem ended up paying off Koray Turker’s Kings with Ace-Jack for top-pair o leave him crippled with just a few big blinds. Within the next orbit, Hachem found a pair of tens but was outflopped by King-Queen.

Local player Dan Lai found himself all in holding {Qh}{Qs} against Ben Sarjant’s {4c}{5c} on a board of {As}{2c}{Qd}{3c}, and although Lai filled up on the river, it unfortunately was the {Ac} to give Sarjant the straight flush.

After losing a pot when he was out-kicked with top pair Dennis Huntly made an amends by making Broadway and then out-kicking Richard Lancaster with top trips. David Borg got aggressive in the last few hands, and after shoving dark ran into an opponents Kings to hit the rail on the final hand However it would be Koray Turker who ended the day on the top amassing a 51,225 chip stack as play ended for the night with just 19 players remaining.

Top Five Chip Counts

Koray Turker – 51,225
Cole Swannack – 46,775
Andrew Middleditch – 45,825
Michael Pedley – 41,950
Dennis Huntly – 40,850

Tomorrow will see both day 1a and 1b flights merge with 39 returning to play down to the final nine.

PokerNetwork will again be on the floor from 12:30pm local time capturing all the live updates from the tournament floor of the Christchurch Casino for the 2010 New Zealand Poker Championships.

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