Ladies Poker a first at Adelaide Casino

Posted at 14:43 2009-10-12
Adelaide Casino is hosting the ultimate girls night out each Thursday throughout October with Ladies Poker tournaments taking place in the Poker Zone.
Poker Zone manager David Galpin said, “Ladies Poker is proving to be very popular for women who are experienced players as well as those who are first timers. It gives women the chance to have a fun night out with their girl friends which is entertaining and a bit different. We tend to find that women are very good Poker players; they’re good multi-taskers, they pick-up the game quickly and for the most part women can maintain a solid ‘poker face’ which is key to winning!”
Adelaide Casino is the only venue in Adelaide offering a Ladies Poker tournament.
David Galpin continued, “At Adelaide Casino we found that there was increased interest from women in Poker within Poker Zone, but they weren’t participating in our regular poker tournaments. Ladies Poker gives women the opportunity to enjoy a competitive tournament with prizes and at the same time feel comfortable in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that Ladies Poker offers.”
The competition runs each Thursday night from 1 October to 29 October with a start time of 7pm. The top ten ladies from each of the five competitions will win entry to the Ladies Only Hold'em Final to be held on Thursday November 5 in Poker Zone at Adelaide Casino.
• Weekly winners walk away with $500
• Ten weekly qualifiers are invited to the final tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $2,500
• The winner claims a first prize of $1,000
• Entry into each of the Thursday night Ladies Poker tournaments is FREE!
• Register from 6pm on each Thursday in the Poker Zone
• Seats are limited

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Ladies Poker Freerolls at Adelaide Casino Ladies Poker Freerolls at Adelaide Casino

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