Late Night Limit Action at Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series

Posted at 11:44 2009-03-10
Day 2 of the 2009 Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series saw 131 players hit the felt of the Crown Poker Room for Event #2: $230 Limit Hold’em. While the field was small, with a 7:10pm start time, the players knew they were in for a long night ahead.
Some of the notables in the field included Crown regulars Andrew Demetriou, Steve Topakas, Peter Aristidou, Trung Tran and Vincent Wan, as well as Andrew Scott, Paul Taylor and Leo Boxell.
There was plenty of time for players to settle in and enjoy the ride as the 10,000 chip start banks and 25 minute levels provided plenty of room for players to get creative in the early goings.
It took a while to reach the first elimination, but as the evening wore on and the blinds increased, the players slowly dropped away. As of 1am there were still three tables in action with only the top 18 reaching the money. $325 was the payout for 18th, so it was going to be a long night for some players to reach a double digit profit.
First place was set to receive over $6,000 however estimations were that we wouldn’t have to worry about that until close to 5am.
In the end it was Daniel Coghan who'll enjoy a sleep-in after capturing the title and the top prize.
Daniel Coghan
Xin Zhao
Fred Madon
Benjamn Mateljan
Michael Marcos
Mariio Faure
Karlos Farah
Christoper Phillp
Luke Landuehr
Kerry Stead
Colin Rich
Alfonso Arfin
Mark Bruin
Sean Arazi
Daniel Rudd
Chris Aitchison
Kris Nedanovski
Ashish Gupta
Meanwhile the midday rebuy satellite drew 81 players, 198 rebuys and awarded 10 Main Event entries, taking the total number of pre-registered Main Event entrants to over 100 mark. The question is will Crown crack the magical 1000 players for this Main Event?
Day 3 of the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series will provide some entertainment with the $230 Pot Limit Omaha event. The action kicks off at 7:10pm so get down to the Crown Poker Room and be a part of this popular series.


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Late Night Limit Holdem Action at JHDSS Late Night Limit Holdem Action at JHDSS

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