Lisandro and Cantu Got into a Fist Fight Over an Unsettled Debt During the WSOP

Posted at 20:00 2014-06-04 by FloatingFish

Brandon Cantu and Jeff Lisandro got in a fight during the 2014 World Series of Poker.

The two poker pros who share 7 bracelets altogether went at it in the Rio Hallways. The fight started with some exchange of loud words and ultimately turned into a nasty fist fight. Punches were delivered and shirts were teared according to the witnesses.

The fight initially broke out because of some unsettled gambling debts. According to Lisandro he vouched for Cantu when he asked for a loan to be able to play on, but the young player failed to pay the money back. The Australian poker pro brought up the topic when he met Cantu in the Rio Hallways, but his query was obviously ill-received.

The story of the fight was first reported by Bryan Leskowitz, who posted several tweets, after witnessing the event.

After all that, a reporter from Bluff asked Lisandro to comment on the news, which he did in a rather good mood:

It is certain that Lisandro got more mellow over the years as he said himself. Remembering his fight with Prahlad Friedman during the 2006 WSOP Main Event when he threathened his opponent taking his head off, we couldn't really disagree.

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Brandon Cantu Jeff Lisandro fight Brandon Cantu Jeff Lisandro fight

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