Live The WSOP Dream at PKR

Posted at 21:16 2011-04-10

PKR is currently running one of the most interesting WSOP deals out of any online poker room. PKR is offering a $4,200 prize package, which includes a bracelet event seat, travel money, an invitation to an exclusive WSOP party, an invitation to a PKR pool party, a six-night luxury hotel seat and a goodie bag. As you can see, the $4,200 prize packages are just as much about the experience as they are about the actual tournament.

If you’re interested in living the World Series dream through PKR, you won’t have to spend much money. Satellites start at just $2.30, and they only go up to $215, which isn’t bad for direct entry. Here is a look at the qualifying structure for the $4,200 prize package satellites at PKR:

- $2.30 Stage 1: runs 10 times daily, 1 in 5 players qualify for Stage 2

- $10.40 Stage 2: runs 5 times daily, 1 in 5 players qualify for Stage 3

- $47.30 Stage 3: runs 2 times daily (15:50 and 19:45 GMT), 1 in 5 players qualify for Final Stage

- $215 Final Stage: runs weekly at 18:20 GMT, 1 in 21 players win a $4,200 prize package

As if the satellites aren’t enough, PKR is also giving players the opportunity to win a $4,200 prize package without even playing. That’s because they are running lotteries where players can buy a ticket and win a prize package if they’re picked. The following shows the ticket prices, as well as the odds of winning with each ticket:

- WSOP Lottery Stage Final: costs $104, and 1 in 42 players wins a prize package

- WSOP Lottery Stage 2: costs $8.40, 1 in 13 players qualify for WSOP Lottery Stage Final drawing

- WSOP Lottery Stage 1: costs $0.45, 1 in 20 players qualify for WSOP Lottery Stage 2 drawing

With chances to win through both the lottery and satellites, you should download PKR is and live out your World Series dreams!

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Live the WSOP Dream at PKR Live the WSOP Dream at PKR

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