Living It Loving It Release Prague Festival Dates

Posted at 12:05 2012-08-12 by Matthew Pitt

Gaming and mind sports event management and consultancy Living it Loving it Ltd., and recently launched Mind Sports (International) Ltd. are gearing up for high level activity in Prague this November and December and have today published the preliminary schedules for each landmark festival.

Last year the Prague Poker Festival took Europe by storm, pulling in over 2,000 attendees, with players from all over the world flocking to King’s Casino and the Corinthia Hotel in the beautiful city of Prague for a three week poker spectacular.

This year Living it Loving it Ltd. intends on surpassing last year’s attendance with an even greater number of attendees, extravagant parties and enticing side events included in the festival, not to mention the exciting addition of the innovative Mind Sports Festival which will coincide with all of the poker festivities.

Dave Brannan, CEO of Living it Loving it Ltd. and Mind Sports (International) Ltd. comments, “The depth of our preliminary schedules and the involvement from leading mind sports and poker brands underlines how valued our festivals are becoming.”

“Poker is very much a mental game and we believe that the integration of other mind sports is a logical, yet somewhat pioneering step in increasing tournament participation and giving players of all disciplines an engaging experience.”
The integration plan is already working well as members from the Scrabble, Bridge, Backgammon, and other mind sports communities descend to participate and endorse the ground-breaking festival collaboration.

The 2012 Prague Poker Festival will run between November 26 and December 16 with the Mind Sports Festival slotting in between December 1-4. For more information on the Prague Poker Festival head over to its dedicated webpage, likewise for the Mind Sports Festival.

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