Man in Black Takes Down 'Kiwi G'

Posted at 07:00 2006-04-04
Champion Alan Goodrum
Champion Alan Goodrum and Runner-up Kiwi G (Graeme Putt)

Dressed in black, the dark and anonymous figure of UK poker player Alan Goodrum dealt out a telling blow to Kiwi poker legend “Kiwi G’ in tonight’s Peter Peko Memorial Tournament at the Christchurch Casino. 30-year-old Alan Goodrum was in a strong position at the final table and he eventually went on to takeout the $7,500 first prize from the experienced and highly favoured Kiwi G. “Kiwi G is a fantastic poker player, it was great to go head to head with him, I’ll admit my hands were certainly shaking for the last few hands”, says the 2006 Peter Peko Memorial Champion Alan Goodrum. Alan Goodrum is also going to try his hand at the New Zealand Poker Championships at the Christchurch Casino on April 7 and 8, “playing against Joe Hachem is an opportunity that can’t be missed. He truly is a phenomenal player. Everyone wants to test themselves against the best”, says Alan Goodrum. Allan Goodrum is also planning to stop off in Las Vegas to see the sights and sounds before he heads back to the UK to see family and friends, “Las Vegas is a must for every keen poker player. I will take it easy over there but I definitely plan to celebrate tonight”, says Alan Goodrum. Alan Goodrum, originally from the UK has been teaching business studies and computing for the past two years at a high school in Levin. He put off going back to the UK to see family and friends so he could come to the Chritstchurch Casino and pit himself against the best in the week-long tournament. Poker Operations Manager Mick Ryan says that Goodrum used a bit of gamesmanship in the later hands, “Alan was a pretty shrewd player. He was dressed in black and ready to attack. He gave a some icy stares to a few of the players and even through his dark glasses you could tell he meant business”. Alan Goodrum admits to have studied psycho-therapy in the past and believes it helps him to get an insight into what a player is holding, “I’ll look at people’s mannerisms and see if they give anything away. In saying that I still have to wear dark glasses so I don’t give away anything myself”, says Alan Goodrum. Mick Ryan believes the final hand was a real clutch situation, “The final act was a real nail biter, the chips were split around 50/50 and one ‘all in’ was what it was going to take to separate these two. At the end of the day the flop didn’t suit Kiwi G, a great Omaha player, and pocket kings was enough for Alan to take it out”, says Mick Ryan. Peter Peko was a well-known Wellington poker player who is considered by some to be the best poker player ever to come out of New Zealand. Peter Peko passed away in 1994. This is the fourth year the Peter Peko Memorial Tournament has been held in memory of the 7 times Australian poker champion. On Tuesday night (April 4), the poker action continues with the groundbreaking New Zealand Championship-No limit Omaha Tournament at the Christchurch Casino. The Christchurch Casino is the first to run a no limit (allowing you to bet all your chips in one hand) tournament in Omaha style poker.

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