Master's Corner - The Australian Poker Legends

Posted at 07:00 2006-06-30 How often do we hear 'Who are the legends of Australian and Kiwi Poker?' Who are our best players and why do they win? Who are the Guys and Dolls who made the game what it is today? It is too tough to pick the winner but it must surely come from the following. Mel 'the Taxman' Judah - From the very beginnings of contemporary gambling in Oz and NZ in the mid-seventies, Mel was always involved in any casino growth and any development of poker in casinos or outside. He has been a prominent tournament player overseas, and has cashed over forty times at the WSOP. Gary Benson - has been around the final tables since Tassie in 1985 and was our first WSOP gold bracelet winner winning the Limit 7 Card Stud event in 1996. He is still active in all major tournaments, cashed no less than three times at this year’s Aussie Millions, and won the Limit HE event at the recent Melbourne Champs. Billy 'the Croc' Argyros - is the charismatic face of poker down under. Recognized internationally as the ‘man with the funny hat’, he is the Puggy Pearson of Australasian Poker. 'Judge' Joe Meissner - rates a mention in the Hall of Fame not only for his constant involvement in the growth of Casino Poker in Adelaide, Canberra and Crown but also for the APA and his enthusiasm in the conduct of home games in Sydney where the Casino was blocked off to Poker. Peter Pekoe 'the Man' - New Zealand conned us into bowling underarm, gave us Pharlap, pavlova, Russell Crowe and in the eighties probably our best and most successful poker player. His impact on the game both as a player and a gentleman has been substantial. He is remembered with the Peter Peko Memorial trophy. Leo 'the Mechanic' Boxell - comes into the hall of Fame not only as the most improved player over the last ten years but also with his family as the most outstanding enthusiast and supporter of the competition circuit. When you add up the results over the last three years he becomes the Crown player most likely to succeed? Who can forget his 14 all-ins to Peter Costa? Marsha Waggoner - In a largely male dominated poker world, Marsha, our favorite Queensland cowgirl, has established a championship reputation in the USA as a formidable lady player. Lee Nelson - the final table specialist and poker author. Aussie Millions winner of 2006 and overall PokerNetwork Champion from 2001 to 2005. Joe Hachem - our first World Series of Poker Main Event champion in 2005 and constant supporter of poker at Crown over many years. The Comer 'twins', Mike and Martin - repeat winners of many events for organising our first international event at Vanuatu. This was a benchmark in Aussie Poker and a credit to the enthusiasm of the Comers. Both of them play a mean game of poker. Mike Maimon and Ronnie Waugh - for many big wins and keeping the game alive at the private club scene in Sydney. It wasn’t and still isn’t easy. Doctor Bob Crossman for his sartorial excellence, technical skill and knowledge of casino mathematics. Bob knows the casino game better than most, and is still active as a consultant to the industry. Johnny Kocbek, Mike Comer and Keith Sloan as our best remembered Poker Room Managers from the nineties, and still going strong. Ed Note: PokerNetwork thanks Maurie 'The Master' Pears for all his hard work over the years, he definitely deserves to be on this list. Think we missed someone out? Jump on the PokerNetwork Noticeboard and have your say.

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